How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently Best 10 Methods

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently | We all have hair in unlikely and embarrassing places that make it difficult to show off the body you may have built over the summer. But out-of-control body hair is not only frustrating but very difficult to manage. Temporary hair removal treatments for body hair that grows wild and the course can be very harmful to the skin and absolutely fruitless. People who struggle with excessive hair in unlikely places like the Back, Stomach, Hands, etc. may find that permanent hair removal saves a ton of time and eliminates half of their problems pertaining to regular waxing or threading. Temporary Hair Removal treatments are not an option if you have body hair that grows faster than you remove it because it can lead to ingrown hair follicles, skin darkening, eruptions, etc.

Its ok to go for permanent hair removal in these circumstances despite your apprehensions. There are various options for permanent hair removal. Choose one that suits your budget and preferences. There are salons and clinics that offer permanent hair removal treatments. Choose a reputable one in your vicinity. Of course, there is also a heap of natural ways in which you can get rid of excessive body hair. Below is a collection of all the available methods along with a brief description for each:

1. Intense Pulsed Light:

Intense pulse light How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently hair removal method permanent hair removal laser hair removal

Although the IPL Treatment for Permanent Hair Removal prevents hair growth effectively, it may have to be repeated several times. The science behind this method works as such; Light Flashes are transferred to the skin which converts into energy and reaches the hair follicles.

These flashes feel warm on the skin but irreversibly prevent hair growth in the follicles. Since one session of IPL works on growing hair, an individual may have to sit through at least 8 sessions over a period of weeks to allow hair to grow for it to be removed. IPL is especially beneficial for removing hair differently colored than that of the skin. The duration of IPL treatment to be fully effective depends on the coarseness of hair.

2. Sandpaper Home Treatment:


In the list of natural and quick home remedies for permanent hair removal, Sandpaper is used for removing fine hair with the power of friction. All you need to do is get yourself some fine grit sandpaper and rub it on the areas of skin with unwanted hair in the same direction of hair growth.

This way you can burn off the fine hair. But the sandpaper hair removal method cannot be considered the most efficacious permanent hair removal method since it may not be suitable for individuals with sensitive or dry skin. If you rub a little too harshly, you may leave angry skin rashes. There is no concrete evidence whether hair removed using sandpaper will grow back or not and the entire process is time-consuming compared to other hair removal methods.

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3. Laser Therapy Treatment:

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently hair removal method permanent hair removal laser hair removal

Laser Treatment is the most popular permanent hair removal treatment. There are more than a few laser hair removal clinics around and you can choose this hair removal method if you have no time to spare for the many inconveniences of other hair removal methods.

Laser Hair Removal clinics have certified professionals that take immense care to ensure that you get a safe treatment devoid of pain or side effects. This Therapy effectively eliminates both fine and coarse body hair and is excellent for hair removal in uncomfortable parts of your body. Laser Therapy can permanently remove the dreaded dark, coarse hairs on all areas of the body without damaging skin. This Therapy is a medical procedure and must only be performed by a trained professional.

4. The Raw Papaya Method:

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently hair removal method permanent hair removal laser hair removal

Papaya comes into the list of natural hair removers because of Papain, an enzyme in Papaya that breaks down hair follicles and significantly slows hair-growth rate. But using Papaya has other benefits since its high nutritional value nourishes skin without irritating sensitive skin. The Raw Papaya Method involves taking pulp of raw papaya and grating raw turmeric root into it. Once you mix both well, massage it into your skin for about 20 minutes. This method lightens body hair which you can then get rid of using a temporary skin removal method like shaving or waxing. Perform the papaya treatment a few times and watch how your shaving/waxing frequency becomes almost nil.

5. At-Home Laser Hair Removal:

Laser therapy is the most popular and widely adopted permanent hair removal method since it was discovered. More home laser hair removers are being introduced to eliminate cumbersome salon trips. Availing Laser Hair Removal treatment from a salon or clinic can be very expensive since most salons charge exorbitant amounts for single sessions. Owing to the high demand for laser hair removal clinics, treating even small areas of skin becomes very expensive for people looking for permanent hair removal on a budget. Besides, getting treated at a clinic may cause side effects. There are affordable laser and IPL hair removal devices available. Although they aren’t widely available, you can search and find the best brand in the market that offers compact home laser hair removers for convenient and quick permanent hair removal within the comforts of your home.

6. Sugar Hair Removal:

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently hair removal method permanent hair removal laser hair removal

Sugar is an excellent substance for permanent hair removal and is best suited for removing facial hair. It acts like a gentler, more effective form of wax used in beauty salons and is less messy. To utilize sugar for permanent hair removal, you will need to perform a method known as sugaring by mixing together sugar, lemon, and water. This mixture must be heated and applied to the area in the same direction as hair growth. Allow it to dry for about 20 minutes after which you can rinse it off. The dried sugar will cling to short facial hair and rip them off when you rinse. Unlike waxing, sugaring does not lead to skin irritations and causes less discomfort when hair is removed.

7. Electrolysis:

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently hair removal method permanent hair removal laser hair removal

Electrolysis is a slightly older method for permanent hair removal but is still widely performed. It involves going through several sessions of treatment, but the results are highly effective. The process of electrolysis involves passing a minuscule rod into a single hair follicle and administering a fraction of electric current to the root. Electrolysis is considered as the truly permanent hair removal method since it irreversibly destroys hair follicles. Electrolysis is less expensive than laser therapy and is best suited for permanent hair removal in small areas of skin. Number of sessions for complete permanent hair removal using Electrolysis may vary between 10 and 25 times. Electrolysis is a delicate procedure very much similar to Laser Therapy. A licensed electrologist is highly recommended to carry out the procedure safely.

8. The egg-white and corn-starch method:

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently hair removal method permanent hair removal laser hair removal

We come to another natural hair removal method where you take two egg-whites and combine it with a cup of corn flour along with ½ a cup of sugar. Whisk this mixture to form a thick paste and then apply it on your skin for approximately 15-30 minutes. Egg Whites and Corn Starch act as a natural wax which you can peel off along with hair. The egg-white and corn-starch method of hair removal is best suited for facial hair. It is also not recommended to use this method for permanent hair removal if you have acne. Since egg-whites block skin pores and may worsen your condition. Egg-White and Corn Starch make an excellent peel-off hair removal mask for easy, non-messy natural home hair removal.

9. Turmeric and Gram-Flour Hair Removal:

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently hair removal method permanent hair removal laser hair removal

To make this permanent home hair removal mask, combine turmeric paste, curd and gram flour and apply it on your skin. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes by rubbing the mask off using cold water in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat this method until you notice reduced visibility of hair growth. If you have thick and coarse hair, you may have to repeat the procedure several times until effects begin to show. After a period of time subjecting your hair to turmeric and gram flour, hair follicles give up producing hair. Turmeric is a spice known for loosening hair from their follicles without causing pain. Combining it with Gram Flour produces excellent results over time, even though its effectiveness may not be immediately clear.

10. Using Depilatory Creams:

The advantage of using depilatory creams is that you can remove hair without any pain. You simply have to leave it on the skin for a while and then wipe it off along with the weakened hair. But depilatory creams have bad odour which is why less people prefer to use it. You can always search for and find new products with a nice fragrance. Depilatory Creams are high on chemicals and may cause allergies for some people. Always perform a skin patch test before using a product. Depilatory Creams are convenient to use but they only dissolve hair on the surface and may cause ingrown hair.

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