Relation Between Putin And Yevgeny Prigozhin.

The intricate and complex relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin, a former hotdog-seller-turned-warlord, has come into the spotlight amidst a brewing mutiny and internal strife within Russia. As these events unfold, it becomes evident that their association transcends traditional boundaries, encompassing political maneuvering, military operations, and a history of contentious alliances. In this article, we delve into the twists and turns of the relation between Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin, exploring the dynamics that have shaped their connection and the possible consequences that lie ahead.

Relation Between Putin And Yevgeny Prigozhin.
On November 11, 2011, businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin served food to then-Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during dinner at Prigozhin’s restaurant outside Moscow, Russia. (Image By Misha Japaridze/Reuters)

Details In Short

  • Origins and paths: Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin have followed distinct trajectories that eventually converged.
  • Prigozhin’s transformation: From a humble hotdog-seller to a powerful warlord leading the Wagner Group.
  • Troll factory mastermind: Prigozhin gained notoriety for running a “troll factory” that spread disinformation and propaganda.
  • Involvement in information warfare: Prigozhin faced sanctions from the US for his role in the 2018 presidential election.
  • Speculation on Prigozhin’s alignment: Questions arise about his actions and whether he acts on behalf of Putin.
  • Claims of special authority: Prigozhin boasted of close ties with Putin and his authority to win the war in Ukraine.
  • Signs of Kremlin exasperation: The Kremlin has shown frustration, sidelining Wagner and supporting the Defense Ministry.
  • Shift in the relationship: Charges against Prigozhin and attempts to erase his online presence indicate a change in the Kremlin’s stance.
  • Prigozhin’s uncertain fate: There is a possibility of him facing an untimely demise, disguised as an accident or suicide.
  • Distancing by the Kremlin: Lack of support from establishment politicians and portrayal as enemy number one by state-run media suggest a separation.
  • Potential imprisonment: Prigozhin could face a fate similar to Putin’s opponents, such as Alexei Navalny, with imprisonment being a distinct possibility.
  • Transition from caterer to troll to mercenary boss: Prigozhin’s journey highlights his adaptability and the diverse nature of his endeavors.

Things to know about the twisted relationship between Prigozhin and Putin.

From their origins to their current positions of power, Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin have followed divergent paths that eventually converged in a symbiotic yet volatile relationship. Prigozhin, once a humble hotdog-seller, has transformed into a powerful warlord, leading the Wagner Group, a private military force linked to Russian military intelligence. However, his journey towards infamy began long before that. Prigozhin gained notoriety as the mastermind behind a “troll factory” that disseminated disinformation and propaganda. This led to his sanctions by the United States for his involvement in information warfare during the 2018 presidential election.

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Does Prigozhin act on behalf of Putin?

Speculation surrounding Prigozhin’s actions raises questions about his alignment with Putin’s agenda. The founder of the Wagner Group has boasted about his close ties with the Russian president, claiming to possess special authority to win the war in Ukraine. While it is widely believed that Putin allowed Prigozhin to operate freely as long as he served the president’s interests, the situation has taken a turn. Signs of growing exasperation from the Kremlin, including sidelining Wagner from prison recruitment and Putin’s unwavering support for the Defense Ministry, suggest a potential fracture in their relationship. The charges levied against Prigozhin and the subsequent attempts to erase his online presence indicate a shift in the Kremlin’s stance towards their once-esteemed ally.

Does his fate seal him as a walking dead man?

As tensions escalate, Prigozhin’s future hangs in the balance. The possibility of him meeting an untimely demise, disguised as an accident or suicide, looms ominously. In the absence of statements of support from establishment politicians and the portrayal of Prigozhin as enemy number one by state-run media, it appears that the Kremlin has distanced itself from him. The Kremlin has even previously laid the groundwork for plausible deniability if Prigozhin were to be assassinated, pointing fingers at Ukrainian involvement. However, an alternative outcome awaits Prigozhin—one that echoes the fate of Putin’s opponents who have found themselves languishing in prison, such as Alexei Navalny. The specter of imprisonment, given Prigozhin’s criminal past, remains a distinct possibility.

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He Transitioned from a Kremlin Caterer to a Troll and Then Became a Mercenary Boss.

The transformation of Yevgeny Prigozhin from a caterer with Kremlin contracts to a key figure in the war against Ukraine highlights the diversity and adaptability of his endeavors. Prigozhin’s trajectory, marked by his involvement in the troll factory and subsequent control over a vast network of trolls and media publications, demonstrates his ability to manipulate public perception. Presently, Prigozhin seeks to position himself as an anti-elitist crusader, fighting for the rights of the common people. While some speculate that his actions serve as a prelude to a presidential campaign, others argue that his primary motive is to consolidate and secure his position of power.


The relationship between Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin continues to evolve amidst shifting power dynamics and mounting internal strife in Russia. Their intricate connection, characterized by alliances and controversies, has far-reaching implications for the country’s political landscape. As the saga unfolds, the question remains: Will Prigozhin remain a loyal ally or emerge as a threat to Putin’s authority? Only time will reveal the true nature of their relationship and the consequences it holds for Russia’s future.

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