Nampa, Idaho Amber Alert: Missing Toddler Found Safe, Father Remains at Large

In a harrowing incident that gripped the community of Nampa, Idaho, a two-year-old boy named Rudy Oziah Reyes was reported missing after being abducted from his front yard. An Amber Alert was swiftly issued, spreading across Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to seek assistance in locating the child. The suspect was identified as Rodolfo Reyes, the boy’s non-custodial father. After an intense search effort, the good news arrived that Rudy had been found safe, but his father remains wanted by law enforcement. This article provides an overview of the incident, the rescue, and the ongoing pursuit of the suspect.

Key Names:

  1. Rudy Oziah Reyes (missing toddler)
  2. Rodolfo Reyes (suspect, non-custodial father)


  1. Rudy was last seen at 10:55 am.
  2. The Amber Alert was issued at 3:00 pm.


  1. The incident took place on 19 May, Thursday.


  1. Nampa, Idaho
  2. Gas station in Nampa (where Rudy was last seen)
  3. 81 N. Yale St., Nampa (location from where Rudy was taken)
  4. Stinker gas station at 803 12th Ave. S., Nampa (last seen location according to the alert)

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The Disappearance and Amber Alert

On a fateful Thursday morning, Rudy Oziah Reyes vanished from his yard in Nampa, Idaho, leaving his family distraught and authorities deeply concerned. The alarm was raised when Rudy was spotted at a gas station in Nampa later that day. The Amber Alert was promptly issued at 3 p.m., reaching thousands of mobile devices throughout the region, urging the public to assist in finding the missing child.

Described as a two-foot-tall toddler with black hair and brown eyes, Rudy’s distinct appearance and the details of his attire—a gray-and-white T-shirt with a hooded sweatshirt and diaper—were shared in the alert. Heartbreakingly, he was without pants or shoes at the time of his disappearance, adding urgency to the search efforts.

Nampa, Idaho Amber Alert: Missing Toddler Found Safe, Father Remains at Large
Nampa, Idaho Amber Alert: Missing Toddler Found Safe, Father Remains at Large

The Suspect: Rodolfo Reyes

The focus of the investigation quickly turned to Rodolfo Reyes, a 36-year-old man identified as Rudy’s non-custodial father. Reyes, who stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 190 pounds, was described as having brown hair, black eyes, and multiple tattoos on his head, face, and neck.

The tattoos, which read “woman hat,” “Lil Rudy,” “southside cliq,” Joelle, “M,” and “horn,” could potentially aid in his identification. Law enforcement shared these distinguishing features to enhance public awareness and encourage anyone with relevant information to come forward.

Nampa, Idaho Amber Alert: Missing Toddler Found Safe, Father Remains at Large
Nampa, Idaho Amber Alert: Missing Toddler Found Safe, Father Remains at Large

Vehicle Descriptions and Assistance Appeals

To aid in locating Rodolfo Reyes and Rudy, the Nampa Police Department provided crucial information about the suspect’s vehicles. Reyes was believed to be driving either a gray 2008 Lexus with Idaho license plate number 2CTJ790 or a gray 2018 Honda Civic with Idaho plate number O19YOR. These specific details helped the community remain vigilant and report any sightings or related information.

The Nampa Police Department, along with concerned family members, made impassioned appeals to the public for assistance. Anyone who had knowledge of the whereabouts of the suspect or had seen Rudy was urged to prioritize the child’s safety and contact either 911 or the dedicated helpline at 208-465-2293.

The Wider Issue of Missing Persons

Rudy’s abduction brought attention to the broader issue of missing persons across the United States. In 2021 alone, there were a staggering 337,195 reports of missing persons recorded by the National Crime Information Center, with over 90,000 of these cases still active at the year’s end. Shockingly, youth accounted for 32 percent of these records, underscoring the vulnerability of children in such situations.

Recognizing the significance of addressing this crisis, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention dedicated over $50 million in 2022 toward initiatives aimed at finding missing children. Efforts like these demonstrate the commitment to protecting the nation’s youth and reuniting them with their families.

Rudy Found Safe, Manhunt Continues

Delivering a moment of relief and joy to the Nampa community, it was announced that Rudy Oziah Reyes had been found safe. However, the search for Rodolfo Reyes, who does not have custody of the child, is ongoing. Authorities issued a reminder to exercise caution and promptly report any information regarding the suspect’s location to law enforcement.


The Amber Alert in Nampa, Idaho, resulted in the safe recovery of missing toddler Rudy Oziah Reyes. The collaboration and vigilance of the community played a pivotal role in ensuring the child’s well-being. However, the search for the suspect, Rodolfo Reyes, remains ongoing. This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the prevalence of missing person cases and the urgency to address them. By prioritizing resources, public awareness, and effective law enforcement strategies, we can strive for a safer future, where every child is protected and families can find solace in swift and successful reunions. The Nampa, Idaho Amber Alert will be remembered as a testament to the power of community involvement and cooperation in the face of adversity.

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