Mr Piedra Killed by His Uber Passenger, But Why? The tragic incident of an Uber driver, Mr Piedra Garcia, being killed by his passenger has shocked the community. The horrifying event unfolded on June 16 when Mr Piedra picked up a rider, Phoebe Capos, who was heading to the Speaking Rock Casino in El Paso. Little did he know that this routine trip would turn into a nightmare. As they approached the Mexican border, the passenger became increasingly anxious, fearing she was being kidnapped and taken to Mexico. In a shocking turn of events, she pulled out a handgun from her purse and fatally shot Mr Piedra in the head. This article delves into the details surrounding this disturbing incident and attempts to understand the motive behind the passenger’s actions.

Mr Piedra Killed by His Uber Passenger, But Why?
Mr Piedra Killed by His Uber Passenger, But Why?
Alberto Silva Fernandez/El Paso Times/USA Today Network

Details In Short:

  • Date: June 16
  • Victim: Daniel Piedra Garcia, Uber driver
  • Location: Near the Mexican border on US Route 54, close to Juárez, Mexico
  • Passenger: Phoebe Capos, 48 years old
  • Motive: Capos claimed she thought she was being kidnapped and taken to Mexico
  • Weapon: Brown-and-silver revolver from Capos’ purse
  • Charges: Initially charged with aggravated assault, later upgraded to murder after Mr. Piedra’s death on June 21
  • Response: Uber expressed shock, banned Capos, and offered support to Mr. Piedra’s family
  • Background: Mr. Piedra had been an Uber driver for three weeks and took extra work due to a work-related injury
  • Safety concerns: Incident sparks calls for improved safety measures for gig workers
  • Investigation: Ongoing to gather evidence and determine the sequence of events
  • Bail: Capos’ bail set at $1.5 million

A Fateful Ride to Speaking Rock Casino

Mr Piedra, a relatively new Uber driver with just three weeks of experience, embarked on his final trip of the day, unaware of the grave danger that awaited him. Phoebe Capos, his passenger, had requested a ride to the Speaking Rock Casino. Despite nearing the end of his workday, Mr Piedra decided to accommodate the request and picked her up. Little did he know that this decision would cost him his life. As they approached the sign indicating Juárez, Mexico, located across the border, Capos became increasingly uneasy about their destination. She expressed her fear of being kidnapped and taken to Mexico, revealing her growing paranoia. The subsequent events would unravel the shocking truth behind her state of mind.

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The Terrifying Act of Violence

The situation took a horrifying turn when Capos abruptly pulled out a brown and silver revolver from her purse and shot Mr Piedra in the head. The sudden act of violence caused the car to veer and collide with a lane boundary on US Route 54, bringing it to a halt. Shocked witnesses and passing motorists were left stunned by the tragic turn of events. Initially, Capos was charged with aggravated assault, but the charges were later upgraded to murder after Mr Piedra succumbed to his injuries in the hospital on June 21. The court deemed the evidence compelling enough to hold her accountable for the loss of Mr Piedra’s life.

Unraveling the Passenger’s Motive

Investigators delved into the circumstances leading to Capos’ shocking act of violence. It was revealed that she was from Kentucky and was visiting El Paso to meet her boyfriend, who worked at the Speaking Rock Casino. The route chosen by Mr Piedra was a normal one to reach the desired destination. Moreover, the location where the shooting occurred was not in close proximity to any bridge or port of entry to Mexico. This discovery raised questions about the passenger’s claim of fearing kidnapping and her motive for the heinous act.

The affidavit prepared by an El Paso Police Department investigator shed light on Capos’ actions. It highlighted that she did not contact the police to report any imminent danger prior to shooting Mr Piedra. Instead, she took a photo of the injured driver and sent it to her boyfriend before finally dialing 911. This sequence of events further deepened the mystery surrounding her actions.

The Aftermath and Calls for Safety Measures

When the police arrived at the scene, Capos was assisted out of the vehicle by her boyfriend. She dropped the handgun, along with other items, on the ground, including the weapon she used to take Mr Piedra’s life. Uber, the ridesharing company, expressed its shock and condolences, stating that it had immediately imposed a ban on Capos from using their platform. They pledged their support to Mr Piedra’s family during this devastating time. The incident involving Mr Piedra’s tragic demise has sparked discussions on the safety of gig workers, particularly those employed by ridesharing companies like Uber. Advocacy groups and lawmakers have called for improved safety measures to protect drivers who face potential risks while providing their services. Although such incidents are rare, the rising numbers of assaults and accidents involving gig workers emphasize the need for increased security measures.


The brutal killing of Mr Piedra Garcia, an Uber driver, by his passenger, Phoebe Capos, has left the community in shock and mourning. As the investigation unfolds, the motive behind Capos’ actions remains murky. The claims of fearing kidnapping and being taken to Mexico seem unsubstantiated, raising further questions about what truly drove her to commit such a heinous act. This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by gig workers and the urgent need for improved safety measures to protect them from harm while serving the community. The memory of Mr Piedra, a dedicated family man and hardworking individual, will live on, while his untimely death acts as a call for justice and enhanced security within the gig economy.

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