MJF vs. Jay White: Did The Devil Mask Lead to a Shocking Attack?

In the world of professional wrestling, intrigue and controversy often go hand in hand. Recent events in the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) universe have left fans puzzled and questioning the actions of one of the promotion’s top stars, MJF. Last week’s AEW Dynamite episode featured a shocking and brutal backstage attack on Jay White, the former IWPG World Heavyweight Champion, and since then, wrestling enthusiasts have been speculating about the involvement of MJF.

A Shocking Assault Unfolds

During the September 27 episode of AEW Dynamite, a mysterious group launched a vicious attack on Jay White backstage. The assailants concealed their identities, wearing masks and keeping themselves hidden from the cameras. However, one figure stood out among them—a person donning a devil mask. This particular mask bore an uncanny resemblance to the one occasionally worn by MJF himself, who goes by the moniker “The Devil.”

The attack took a sinister turn when the individual with the devil mask grabbed hold of a camera and abruptly cut off the live broadcast feed, leaving viewers perplexed and concerned for Jay White’s well-being. Wrestling fans immediately began to speculate about the identity of the assailants and their motivations.

The MJF Connection

The connection between MJF and the devil mask is not a mere coincidence. MJF has previously worn this ominous mask during his appearances, most notably during AEW All Out in 2022 when he was aided by a group of masked individuals known as “The Firm.” This faction played a pivotal role in helping MJF secure victory in the Casino Ladder Match.

While the masked attackers from the recent AEW Dynamite episode remain unidentified, it is difficult to ignore the potential connection to MJF. Furthermore, tensions between MJF and Jay White had escalated earlier in the same episode, as White expressed his intentions to challenge for the AEW World Championship and openly criticized the current champion, MJF.

MJF vs. Jay White: Did The Devil Mask Lead to a Shocking Attack?
The Devil Mask Lead to a Shocking Attack?

MJF Breaks His Silence

In the wake of mounting speculation and controversy, MJF has finally addressed the allegations surrounding his potential involvement in the attack on Jay White. At the WrestleDream event, where MJF was set to defend his ROH Tag Team Titles, he took the microphone and vehemently denied any association with the backstage assault.

“I’m a little psed off, Seattle. See, a lot of rumors going around, some bullsht that I attacked Jay White’s aka tofu. And I had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with it. To top it off, some schmuck went into my locker room, and stole my mask out of my bag,” MJF stated.

These bold statements from MJF have added a layer of complexity to the ongoing mystery. Only time will reveal the truth behind the attack on Jay White and the thief who stole MJF’s mask.

A Controversial Victory at WrestleDream

In addition to the backstage attack controversy, MJF faced scrutiny following his victory at WrestleDream. Despite being in a 2-on-1 Handicap match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship against The Righteous, MJF secured the win. However, it was not without controversy, as he used the ropes while getting the pinfall victory.

The defeated AEW star Vincent, a member of The Righteous, did not mince words on social media. Vincent shared an image of the incident and criticized MJF, calling him “a coward” and suggesting that the world was not blind to his actions.

“The devil is a coward, and the world isn’t blind,” Vincent tweeted, expressing his frustration over the circumstances surrounding the match.

A Tense Future in AEW

With tensions running high and mysteries yet to be unraveled, the AEW landscape appears to be heading for turbulent times. Fans are left pondering whether MJF’s denial of involvement in the attack on Jay White holds true or if there are deeper layers to this complex storyline. As the wrestling world eagerly awaits answers, one thing remains certain—the world of AEW is rarely short of drama and intrigue.


Q1: Who was attacked in the recent AEW Dynamite episode?

A1: Jay White, the former IWPG World Heavyweight Champion, was the victim of a shocking backstage attack during the episode.

Q2: What is the significance of the devil mask in this controversy?

A2: The devil mask worn by one of the assailants in the attack bears a resemblance to the mask occasionally worn by MJF, leading to speculation about his potential involvement.

Q3: What did MJF say about the allegations during WrestleDream?

A3: MJF vehemently denied any involvement in the backstage attack and expressed frustration over the rumors surrounding the incident.

Q4: What controversy surrounded MJF’s victory at WrestleDream?

A4: MJF secured a controversial victory in a 2-on-1 Handicap match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship, using the ropes during the pinfall.

Q5: How did Vincent of The Righteous react to MJF’s victory?

A5: Vincent, a member of The Righteous, criticized MJF on social media, referring to him as “a coward” and suggesting that his actions were not unnoticed by the world.

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