In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the Jersey Shore community in Pennsylvania is coming together to support Max Engel, a high school football player, who collapsed during a Friday night game. Max Engel’s ordeal has cast a somber mood over the town, as residents rally to offer prayers, love, and financial assistance during this challenging time.

This article delves into the details surrounding Max Engel’s condition, the compassionate response from the community, and the GoFundMe campaign launched to aid the Engel family with funeral expenses. Max’s journey is a poignant reminder of the strength of community bonds and the power of collective support in times of adversity.

Max Engel Injured: Jersey Shore High School Football Player's Critical Condition Shakes Community
Max Engel Injured: Jersey Shore High School Football Player’s Critical Condition Shakes Community

Max Engel’s Critical Condition

Max Engel, a Jersey Shore High School football player, collapsed during the Jersey Shore/Selinsgrove football game. He was swiftly transported to Geisinger Medical Center, where he currently remains in critical condition with a challenging prognosis. The Engel family is deeply appreciative of the outpouring of prayers and support from the community.

Community’s Call for Privacy and Solidarity

In the wake of this distressing incident, the school district and the community have issued a heartfelt request for privacy for the Engel family. They have appealed to the public to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers as they navigate the challenging journey of Max’s medical care. Additionally, a gesture of unity has been organized, urging all students to wear orange on Thursday as a symbol of support for the Engel family.

GoFundMe Campaign for Funeral Expenses

Liam McClain, a compassionate resident of Level Corner, Pennsylvania, has initiated a GoFundMe campaign titled “Help the family of Max Engle.” The primary objective of this campaign is to raise funds to assist the Engel family with funeral expenses. To date, the campaign has garnered an impressive $42,519 USD out of its $45,000 goal, showcasing the generosity and empathy of the community.

Tragic Accident Claims Another Life

Tragedy struck Nippenose Township when Stephen W. Zwald, a resident of Porter Township, lost control of his vehicle on Route 44. Zwald’s Dodge Ram pickup truck collided with a utility pole, resulting in his untimely death due to blunt force trauma injuries. The accident occurred around 11:30 a.m., approximately half a mile south of State Street.

Emergency Response and Community Efforts

The local community, including dedicated volunteer firefighters from Antes Fort, Jersey Shore, and Nippenose Township, responded promptly to the accident scene. They utilized extraction tools to recover Zwald’s body and ensured public safety by temporarily closing the two-lane state highway for about 40 minutes.

PPL crews took measures to reinforce the damaged utility pole, and employees from the State Department of Transportation assisted with traffic control and conducted their investigation into the accident.


The Jersey Shore community has been profoundly impacted by the critical condition of Max Engel, a beloved high school football player, and the tragic loss of Stephen W. Zwald. These events serve as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of standing together in times of adversity.

As the GoFundMe campaign continues to gather support, it demonstrates the compassion and unity that define this close-knit community. Max Engel’s battle for survival and the memory of Stephen W. Zwald’s unfortunate accident have brought forth a wave of empathy and solidarity, reinforcing the notion that, in the face of hardship, communities can come together to offer strength, support, and hope.

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