Mark Jaggers, Louisville Kentucky: Man Shot and Killed by Louisville Metro Police. The city of Louisville, Kentucky, was struck by tragedy when a young man named Mark Jaggers Jr. was shot and killed by a Louisville Metro Police officer. The incident has sparked controversy, as the family of the deceased disputes the police’s claims of an armed carjacking. This article aims to provide a comprehensive account of the events surrounding Mark Jaggers’ death, shedding light on differing perspectives and seeking the truth behind this tragic incident.

Mark Jaggers, Louisville Kentucky: Man Shot and Killed by Louisville Metro Police
Mark Jaggers, Louisville Kentucky: Man Shot and Killed by Louisville Metro Police. A memorial for Mark Jaggers Jr. at the site where he was shot and killed by an undercover Louisville Metro Police Department office on June 19.
Danielle Kaye/LPM

Details In Short:

  • Date: June 19, 2023
  • Time: Afternoon hours
  • Location: Portland neighborhood, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Victim’s Name: Mark Jaggers Jr.
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Alleged Crime: Attempted carjacking at gunpoint
  • Family Dispute: Dispute over armed carjacking claim
  • Alternative Explanation: Intended joyride based on TikTok trend, according to family
  • Eyewitness Account: Footage shows police pointing gun at victim’s girlfriend
  • Lack of Warning: Questions raised about force and warning
  • Family Tragedy: Leaves behind two children, deeply affecting family
  • Ongoing Investigation: Kentucky State Police leading, body camera footage released
  • Mayor’s Commendation: Officer’s response praised as self-defense

The Shooting Incident and Conflicting Narratives

On a fateful afternoon in the Portland neighborhood, Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers encountered Mark Jaggers Jr., a 21-year-old man. The police alleged that Jaggers attempted to carjack them at gunpoint, leading to the fatal shooting. A young man named Mark Jaggers Jr. lost his life, and now differing accounts challenge the official police report. Mark Jaggers Sr., the victim’s father, vehemently disputes the claims made by law enforcement. He asserts that his son did not have a weapon and did not intend to commit an armed carjacking. Mark Jaggers Sr. states that his son believed someone had stolen the car and intended to take it for a joyride.

Eyewitnesses have come forward, including the victim’s girlfriend, who claims that even after shooting Mark Jaggers Jr., the police pointed a gun at her. This raises questions about the necessity of such force and the lack of warning given. As the community mourns the loss of a young life, the search for truth and justice continues. The ongoing investigation, now led by the Kentucky State Police, includes the release of body camera footage. Mark Jaggers Jr.’s family and the wider community affected by this tragic incident can bring closure only by uncovering the truth.

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Challenging the Carjacking Allegations

Mark Jaggers Sr. expressed his disbelief in the carjacking narrative put forth by the police. He explained that his son, inspired by a TikTok trend, thought the car had been stolen and abandoned in the alley near their home. Jaggers Jr. planned to take the vehicle for a joyride, unaware that anyone was inside. The presence of multiple abandoned vehicles in the alley further supports the notion that it was a common location for stolen cars.

Eyewitness Accounts and the Lack of Warning

According to Mark Jaggers Sr., his son’s girlfriend arrived at the scene moments after the shooting. Jaggers Sr. claimed that a security camera footage from a neighbor showed the police pointing a gun at his son’s girlfriend, even after they had already shot Jaggers Jr. This raises questions about the necessity of such force and the lack of warning given to the young man.

Seeking Justice and Grieving a Loss

Mark Jaggers Jr. leaves behind two children, aged seven months and almost five years. His untimely death has left his family devastated. Jaggers Sr. expressed his determination to challenge the police’s account and bring the truth to light. However, he also shared fond memories of his son, emphasizing that despite occasional wrong choices, Jaggers Jr. was a good-hearted individual who will be dearly missed.

Body Camera Footage and Ongoing Investigation

Kentucky State Police, now in charge of the investigation, recently released body camera footage from the shooting incident. The footage captures the moment when LMPD Officer Matt Hayden fired several rounds at Mark Jaggers Jr. as he opened the driver’s side front door of an undercover police car. Mayor Craig Greenberg commended Officer Hayden’s response, stating that it was clear from the video that the officer acted to protect his own life from an armed assailant.


The shooting of Mark Jaggers Jr. by a Louisville Metro Police officer has left the community in shock and raised important questions about the use of force by law enforcement. While the police claim it was an armed carjacking attempt, the victim’s family maintains that he was unarmed and simply mistaken about the car’s status. With conflicting narratives and ongoing investigations, the truth surrounding this tragic event remains elusive. As the community mourns the loss of a young life, the quest for justice and transparency continues, hoping to bring closure to Mark Jaggers Jr.’s family and shed light on the circumstances of his untimely death.

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