Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee is a renowned tattoo studio that offers exceptional tattoo and piercing services to its clients. With a commitment to providing a memorable and personalized experience, Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee has gained a reputation as one of the top tattoo studios in the state. From their appointment-only policy to their talented artists and a wide range of services, there’s something for everyone at this exceptional tattoo parlor.

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee
Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee

About Lucky Strike Tattoo

Lucky Strike Tattoo, originally established as a one-man shop in Downtown Quakertown, Pennsylvania in 2003, has grown into a prominent tattoo studio in Tennessee. Now occupying an impressive 4,200 sq ft space, the studio offers a wide range of services. With nine tattoo stations, a dedicated piercing room, and a private area, Lucky Strike Tattoo provides a comfortable and professional environment for clients. The studio’s team of nine skilled artists takes pride in bringing clients’ visions to life. With its expertise and commitment to excellence, Lucky Strike Tattoo continues to be a top choice for tattoo enthusiasts in Tennessee.

Appointments and Booking Process

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee does not accept walk-ins, ensuring that each client receives dedicated attention and service. To book an appointment, clients can call 215-529-8420 to inquire about same-day availability. The preferred method for scheduling a consultation appointment is by emailing [email protected]. By sending ideas, pictures, and artist preferences, clients can begin the process of creating their dream tattoo.

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee
Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee

Deposit and Pricing

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee requires a deposit to secure a tattoo appointment. This deposit ensures the commitment of both the client and the artist. The shop has a minimum fee of $100 for tattoos, reflecting the initial setup costs and the quality of service provided. Pricing for tattoos depends on factors such as style, size, detail, and location, with most tattoos being priced per piece. For larger tattoos that require multiple sessions, an hourly rate may be charged.

Piercings for Minors

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee offers piercing services for minors under the age of 18, but there are specific age restrictions for different types of piercings. Minors between 8 and 13 years old can get earlobe piercings, while those 14 years and older can get nostrils, navel, and various ear piercings. At 16 years and older, additional options such as septum, eyebrow, lip, and other piercings become available. For minors, proper identification, and legal guardianship documentation are required.

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee
Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee

Collaboration and Design Process

Clients are encouraged to send pictures and ideas to their chosen artists at Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee. This collaboration allows the artist to better understand the client’s personal taste, style and desired tattoo design. By incorporating the client’s preferences and artistic vision, the artists can create the perfect tattoo that exceeds expectations. It’s a partnership that ensures a unique and personalized result.

Discounts and Special Offers

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee appreciates the dedication and service of military personnel, EMTs, police officers, firefighters, and other first responders. Special discounts are available for these individuals as a token of gratitude. We encourage clients to follow Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on additional discounts, promotions, and special offers.

Cover-Ups and Tattoo Corrections

For those seeking to cover up or fix unwanted tattoos, Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee has talented artists who specialize in these services. The process of covering up or fixing a tattoo varies depending on factors such as size, color, style, and other considerations. We advise clients to schedule a consultation with their chosen artist to discuss the possibilities and options available to them.

Healing Process and Aftercare

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee understands that the healing process of tattoos and piercings is crucial. If clients experience any problems during the healing process, the studio encourages them to contact and consult with their artist. Issues can arise from various factors, including everyday activities, aftercare product usage, or other irritations. The studio provides guidance and assistance to ensure a smooth healing process and satisfactory results.

Preparation and Etiquette

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee advises clients to eat a decent-sized meal and drink water beforehand in preparation for a tattoo or piercing session. It is essential to have proper nourishment to ensure comfort during the session. Additionally, receiving tattoos while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited. This policy is in place to guarantee the best outcome and to prioritize the safety and well-being of the clients.

Private Events and Gift Cards

Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee does not host traditional tattoo parties due to various uncontrollable factors that can compromise health and safety. However, the studio does offer the option of reserving the shop for private events. Clients interested in hosting a private event can contact the studio for more information. Furthermore, gift cards are available for purchase exclusively in the shop, making for a thoughtful and unique present for tattoo enthusiasts.


Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee is a premier tattoo studio that prioritizes quality, professionalism, and client satisfaction. With a focus on appointments, personalized consultations, and an array of services, the studio ensures a remarkable experience for each client. From talented artists to a commitment to safety and aftercare, Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee stands out as a top choice for individuals seeking exceptional tattoos and piercings in Tennessee. Book an appointment today and embark on a journey to create your perfect piece of body art at Lucky Strike Tattoo Tennessee.

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