Jesse Driskill Missouri: Man of Lebanon Sentenced for 2013 Killing. In a tragic turn of events, the Missouri Department of Corrections has announced the passing of Jesse Driskill, a man on death row. The 43-year-old from Lebanon, Missouri, was recently found deceased, prompting an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Jesse Driskill’s life took a dark turn when he was sentenced in 2013 for the brutal killing of Johnnie and Coleen Wilson, an elderly couple from Lebanon. As we delve into the details surrounding this case, we uncover a troubling history of crime, a traumatic childhood, and a community left grappling with the aftermath.

Jesse Driskill Missouri: Man of Lebanon Sentenced for 2013 Killing
Jesse Driskill is on death row for the murder of 82-year-old Johnnie Wilson and 76-year-old Coleen Wilson (Image By

Details In Short :-

  • Name: Jesse Driskill
  • Age: 43
  • Location: Lebanon, Missouri
  • Date of Death: Not specified
  • Cause of Death: Autopsy pending
  • Crime Committed: Convicted of murdering Johnnie and Coleen Wilson
  • Incident Date: Not specified
  • Legal Proceedings: Conviction upheld by Missouri Supreme Court in 2021
  • Troubled Past: History of criminal behavior spanning two decades
  • Childhood Trauma: Alleged abuse and neglect during upbringing
  • Acts of Violence: Allegedly stabbed Lisa Rogers in 2007 and assaulted her and her cousin in 2008
  • Tattoo: Driskill had Lisa Rogers’ name tattooed on his neck as a permanent reminder of their troubled relationship
  • Concealed Juvenile Record: Details of Driskill’s encounters with the law during his youth not available to the public.

A Shocking Crime Committed

In 2013, the court convicted Jesse Driskill for the murders of 82-year-old Johnnie Wilson and 76-year-old Coleen Wilson. The elderly couple, who had just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary, encountered Driskill in their own home while he was burglarizing their property. It was a chilling and senseless act of violence that forever scarred the community of Lebanon.

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Legal Proceedings and Upheld Conviction

Jesse Driskill Missouri: Man of Lebanon Sentenced for 2013 Killing. Following the heinous crime, Jesse Driskill faced the judicial system and the consequences of his actions. The Missouri Supreme Court upheld his conviction in 2021, reaffirming their belief that justice had been served. The confirmation of his guilt marked a pivotal moment in the legal proceedings, providing closure for the victims’ families and the community affected by this tragedy.

A Troubled Past Unveiled

As investigators delved into Jesse Driskill’s background, they discovered a pattern of criminal behavior spanning two decades. Starting in 1999, Driskill actively engaged in a series of guilty pleas and encounters with law enforcement, entangling his life in a web of criminal involvement. These troubling incidents revealed a troubled individual with a propensity for violence and crime.

Tracing the Roots of Violence

Friends and acquaintances of Jesse Driskill shed light on his troubled past, pointing to a childhood marred by abuse and neglect. According to them, Driskill had suffered through an abusive upbringing, enduring days of solitude and deprivation. He had even shared distressing experiences, such as being thrown off a bridge, further compounding his traumatic background.

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Acts of Violence and Personal Turmoil

The darkness that enveloped Jesse Driskill’s life extended beyond the tragic murder of the Wilsons. In 2007, he allegedly attacked Lisa Rogers, the mother of his child, using a pair of box cutters to inflict serious harm. The scars of this incident ran deep, leaving a lasting impact on the victims and the community. In 2008, he faced further accusations of violence, having allegedly assaulted Rogers and her cousin with a wooden chair. These episodes revealed a disturbing pattern of aggression and instability.

A Permanent Reminder

Jesse Driskill’s tumultuous relationship with Lisa Rogers left an indelible mark, quite literally. He had tattooed her name on his neck, a permanent reminder of a turbulent past and the consequences of their troubled connection. The presence of this tattoo serves as a chilling reminder of the violence that characterized their relationship.

Juvenile Record Concealed

While much has been uncovered about Jesse Driskill’s criminal history as an adult, his juvenile record remains shrouded in secrecy. The details of his earlier encounters with the law, during his formative years, are not accessible to the public. This hidden chapter adds another layer of mystery to the complex narrative surrounding Driskill’s life.


Jesse Driskill’s story is one of tragedy, violence, and the repercussions of a troubled past. From the devastating murders of Johnnie and Coleen Wilson to his own demise on death row, Driskill’s life was characterized by darkness and pain. The community of Lebanon is left grappling with the aftermath, seeking solace and healing amidst the scars left behind. As we reflect on this somber tale, may it serve as a reminder of the importance of addressing the root causes of violence and providing support to those in need, in the hope of preventing such tragedies in the future.

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