Jamie Liles Lassiter North Carolina, The political landscape of North Carolina has recently been rocked by a scandal involving the state’s House Speaker, Tim Moore. Accused of engaging in a multi-year extramarital affair and participating in group sex in exchange for political favors, Moore now faces a lawsuit filed by former Apex Town Council member Scott Lassiter. This article delves into the allegations against Moore and the impact they have had on the parties involved, shedding light on the intricate web of personal and political relationships.

Jamie Liles Lassiter North Carolina
Jamie Liles Lassiter North Carolina ,Tim Moore and Jamie Liles Lassiter (file photo); top left inset of Scott Lassiter and Jamie Liles Lassiter (Facebook)

Details In Short:

  • Scandal Introduction: High-ranking politician accused of extramarital affair.
  • Background: Provide context on individuals and their political positions.
  • Allegations: Detail affair’s duration and nature.
  • Confrontation: Significant developments during the confrontation.
  • Fallout: Consequences on personal and political fronts.
  • Denials and Legal Action: Accused’s response and pursuit of legal action.
  • Legal Battle: Outline upcoming proceedings and potential implications.
  • Public Reaction: Explore scrutiny and calls for investigation.
  • Political Ramifications: Consequences for career, reputation, and politics.
  • Seeking Justice: Motivations for legal action and closure.
  • Future Implications: Effects on perception, trust, and accountability.
  • Conclusion: Summarize impact on parties involved and political landscape.

Allegations of Misconduct Unearthed

The lawsuit filed by Scott Lassiter paints a troubling picture of Tim Moore’s conduct. Lassiter alleges that Moore, wielding his influential position, enticed his wife, Jamie Liles Lassiter, into a secret relationship. Jamie, a mid-level employee of the state government, is the executive director of the North Carolina Conference of Clerks of Superior Court. The suit further alleges that Moore requested an unidentified individual, referred to as “John Doe,” to install a camera on Lassiter’s property. The purpose of this intrusion was to gather incriminating evidence that Moore could later use to dissuade Lassiter from pursuing legal action against him. Recent developments in North Carolina have exposed shocking allegations of misconduct against Tim Moore, the state’s House Speaker.

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A lawsuit filed by Scott Lassiter, a former Apex Town Council member, has brought to light a web of scandal involving Moore. Lassiter accuses Moore, a Republican lawmaker, of exploiting his position for personal gain. According to the lawsuit, Moore allegedly used his influential role to entice Jamie Liles Lassiter, Scott’s wife and a mid-level employee of the state government, into an extramarital affair. Additionally, “John Doe,” an unidentified individual, is implicated in installing a camera on Lassiter’s property at Moore’s request. The intention behind this intrusion was to obtain incriminating material to dissuade Lassiter from pursuing legal action.

The Duration and Revelation of the Affair

According to Lassiter’s complaint, suspicions of his wife’s infidelity with Moore began in 2022. On December 21, 2022, Lassiter followed his wife, who had claimed she was going to the movies with a friend, and discovered her meeting with Moore at a prominent steakhouse in Raleigh. After dinner, Lassiter asserts that Moore drove Jamie to his residence, where they allegedly engaged in sexual activity. When Jamie returned home in the early morning hours of December 22, she tearfully confessed to Lassiter about the affair. She revealed that the extramarital relationship had lasted for over three years and involved group sex with other individuals seeking political influence from Moore. Jamie expressed fear of losing her job if she ended the relationship. The scandal surrounding the alleged affair involving Tim Moore, the North Carolina House Speaker, continues to unravel as details of the affair’s duration and its revelation come to light.

According to the lawsuit filed by Scott Lassiter, the affair between Moore and Lassiter’s wife, Jamie Liles Lassiter, lasted for over three years. Lassiter became aware of the affair when he heard rumors in 2022. Determined to uncover the truth, Lassiter followed his wife one evening, only to find her meeting with Moore at a prominent steakhouse in Raleigh. Disturbingly, the evening did not end there. Moore reportedly drove Jamie to his residence, where they allegedly engaged in sexual activity. It was the next morning when Jamie tearfully confessed the affair to Lassiter, revealing the extent of their involvement, which included group sex with individuals seeking political influence from Moore. Jamie expressed fear that ending the relationship would jeopardize her job.

Confrontation and Fallout

Lassiter confronted Moore about the affair, and Moore reportedly acknowledged his involvement over the past three years. Moore asked Lassiter if there was anything he could do to assist him, implying that he could leverage his position as Speaker to benefit Lassiter. Despite attempting to salvage his marriage through religious and therapeutic counseling, Lassiter ultimately decided to end the relationship. Jamie, however, claimed she wanted to save their marriage but felt trapped due to the fear of retaliation. The alleged affair involving North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore has taken a dramatic turn with the confrontation between Scott Lassiter and Moore, leading to a fallout that has far-reaching consequences. After discovering his wife Jamie Liles Lassiter’s involvement in the affair, Lassiter confronted Moore about his actions.

During their encounter, Moore reportedly admitted to the affair and astonishingly asked if there was anything he could do for Lassiter, insinuating the abuse of his power as Speaker for personal gain. Lassiter’s hopes of salvaging his marriage were dashed as it became clear that Jamie was unwilling to sever ties with Moore due to fear of retaliation. The fallout from the confrontation has been significant. Lassiter, a former Apex Town Council member, decided to take legal action, filing a lawsuit against Moore. The allegations of conspiracy, trespassing, and alienation of affection have sent shockwaves through the political sphere, casting a shadow over Moore’s reputation and raising questions about integrity and abuse of power.

Denials, Legal Action, and the Future

In response to the lawsuit, Moore’s attorney denies the allegations and expresses confidence that Moore will be vindicated in court. Similarly, Jamie vehemently denied the claims made in the lawsuit, stating that she and Scott have been separated for years. She attributed the accusations to Scott’s mental health and substance abuse issues, characterizing the lawsuit as defamatory. Lassiter is set to unfold the legal battle, seeking compensatory and punitive damages exceeding $200,000. Moore’s attorney expressed confidence in his client’s vindication, stating that they eagerly await the opportunity to present their case in court.

Meanwhile, Jamie Liles Lassiter, the woman at the center of the affair, refutes the claims and asserts that she and Scott have been separated for years. The outcome of this legal battle will shape the future for all parties involved. It has the potential to impact Moore’s political career, tarnishing his reputation and raising questions about his integrity and fitness for office. The resolution of the lawsuit will also have ramifications for Scott Lassiter, who seeks justice and closure in the aftermath of his shattered marriage.


The scandal surrounding Jamie Liles Lassiter, Tim Moore, and the alleged affair has sent shockwaves through North Carolina’s political circles. As the lawsuit unfolds, those involved will seek the truth behind the accusations, and the impact on them will continue to reverberate. This controversy serves as a reminder of the intertwined nature of personal and political relationships, leaving a lasting impression on the state’s political landscape.

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