Is Gabriel Perreault Related to Gilbert Perreault?

Is Gabriel Perreault Related to Gilbert Perreault? In the world of ice hockey, there are many instances where talented players share the same surname, leading fans and analysts to wonder if there is a familial connection. One such case is the question of whether Gabriel Perreault is related to Gilbert Perreault. Gabriel Perreault recently made headlines as the New York Rangers selected him with the 23rd overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft. In this article, we will delve into the backgrounds of these two players and explore whether they share a family connection.

Is Gabriel Perreault Related to Gilbert Perreault?
Is Gabriel Perreault Related to Gilbert Perreault?
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Details In Short:

  • Gabriel Perreault and Gilbert Perreault share the same surname, sparking speculation about a family connection.
  • Gabriel Perreault: 23rd overall pick by the New York Rangers in the 2023 NHL Draft.
  • Gabriel Perreault excelled in the United States National Team Development Program.
  • Perreault’s chemistry with linemates Smith and Leonard elevated their status.
  • Gabriel Perreault broke Auston Matthews’ single-season scoring record.
  • Perreault accumulated 132 points in 63 games, boosting his draft stock.
  • Gabriel Perreault: competitive, creative offensive winger suited for the NHL.
  • Gilbert Perreault: legendary center with 17 seasons for the Buffalo Sabres.
  • Gilbert Perreault formed the iconic “French Connection” line.
  • Gilbert Perreault achieved All-Star appearances and won prestigious awards.
  • No conclusive evidence of direct family connection, but possible distant relatives.
  • Further research and confirmation needed to establish familial ties.”

Gabriel Perreault’s Rising Stardom

Gabriel Perreault’s selection by the New York Rangers in the first round of the 2023 NHL Draft marked a significant milestone in his promising career. The young winger had an exceptional season with the United States National Team Development Program, culminating in his induction into the league. Perreault’s outstanding performance, coupled with his remarkable chemistry with linemates Will Smith and Ryan Leonard, showcased his potential as a top-tier player.

The Lethal Trio of the U.S. National Under-18 Team

Perreault’s journey to the NHL was intertwined with the success of his linemates on the U.S. National Under-18 Team. Will Smith and Ryan Leonard, both first-round selections as well, shared the ice with Perreault throughout their time in the development program. The trio’s electrifying performances garnered attention and solidified their status as some of the most dangerous forwards in U18 team history.

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Gabriel Perreault’s Stellar Season

During his time with the USNTDP, Gabriel Perreault etched his name in the record books by surpassing Toronto star Auston Matthews’ single-season scoring record. Perreault’s exceptional offensive abilities were on full display as he amassed an impressive 132 points, including 53 goals and 79 assists, in just 63 games. This remarkable feat caught the attention of scouts and elevated Perreault’s draft stock.

A Skillset Tailor-Made for the NHL

Describing himself as a “competitive and creative offensive winger,” Gabriel Perreault possesses a skillset that perfectly suits the demands of the NHL. He has a penchant for generating scoring opportunities for both himself and his teammates. With his strong hockey sense, exceptional stickhandling, and sharpshooting abilities, Perreault stands out as a dual threat on the ice. Additionally, his versatility as a left-shot winger who can excel on the right side fills a crucial void in the Rangers’ lineup.

The Perreault Hockey Legacy

To understand the potential family connection between Gabriel Perreault and Gilbert Perreault, we must explore the background of the latter. Gilbert Perreault, born on November 13, 1950, is a legendary Canadian ice hockey center who spent 17 illustrious seasons with the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL. As the first draft pick in the Sabres’ inaugural season, Perreault quickly established himself as a dynamic playmaker, forming the iconic “French Connection” line.

Gilbert Perreault’s Storied Career

Gilbert Perreault’s contributions to the game of hockey earned him numerous accolades throughout his career. He participated in nine NHL All-Star Games, was named to two postseason NHL All-Star teams, won the Calder Memorial Trophy, and received the Lady Byng Trophy. Perreault’s exceptional stickhandling skills and playmaking abilities made him one of the most skillful centers in NHL history. His impact on the Buffalo Sabres franchise is undeniable, as he still holds multiple team records.

Exploring the Family Connection

Now, the burning question remains: Is Gabriel Perreault related to Gilbert Perreault? While there is no definitive evidence to support a direct family connection between the two players, it is worth noting that they share the same surname. However, given the prevalence of the Perreault name in the world of ice hockey, it is possible that Gabriel and Gilbert Perreault are distant relatives. Further research and confirmation from the players or their families would be necessary to establish any familial ties.


In conclusion, Gabriel Perreault’s selection by the New York Rangers in the 2023 NHL Draft has sparked curiosity about his potential relation to the legendary Gilbert Perreault. While there is no concrete evidence to suggest a direct family connection, both players have showcased their exceptional skills on the ice. Gabriel Perreault’s rising stardom and Gilbert Perreault’s remarkable career have left an indelible mark on the world of ice hockey, regardless of their familial ties. As Gabriel embarks on his NHL journey, fans will undoubtedly continue to follow his progress while celebrating the enduring legacy of Gilbert Perreault.

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