Is Disney moving to Nevada? This question has been circulating in recent news, igniting excitement and speculation among fans and industry experts alike. With the introduction of the Film Bill and new details emerging about the development. The possibility of Disney establishing a studio production presence in Southern Nevada is becoming more plausible. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Disney’s potential move. Examining the competition between states vying for the entertainment industry, and shed light on the implications of this significant development.

Is Disney Moving to Nevada? Is The Information Real?
Is Disney Moving to Nevada? Is The Information Real? – (Credit: Nevada)

About The Film Bill: A Catalyst for Growth

The Film Bill, also known as Senate Bill 496 (SB496). Has emerged as a powerful catalyst for job creation and educational opportunities in Nevada’s entertainment industry. Sponsored by Sen. Roberta Lange. This legislation aims to attract movie productions and stimulate related industries by offering substantial tax credits. With an annual allocation of $190 million for 20 years. The Film Bill represents the largest tax incentive package in the state’s history. These tax credits will be awarded upon the completion of films at privately developed studio sites. Ensuring a significant return on investment. The bill’s emphasis on education includes the establishment of a film school comparable to prestigious institutions. Nurturing local talent and reducing reliance on external professionals. The Film Bill presents a remarkable opportunity for Nevada’s economy and educational institutions to thrive.

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The Film Bill: A Catalyst for Growth

One of the key driving factors behind Disney’s potential move to Nevada is the Film Bill. Officially known as Senate Bill 496 (SB496). This bill, sponsored by Sen. Roberta Lange, has garnered attention for its focus on tax credits and long-term investments in the entertainment industry. It presents a promising opportunity to revitalize Nevada’s economy and create numerous job prospects.

The Film Bill aims to attract movie productions to Southern Nevada by offering substantial tax credits, totaling $190 million annually for 20 years. This ambitious package marks the largest tax incentive initiative in recent state history. Unlike previous arrangements involving direct tax abatements, the credits will only be awarded upon the completion of films at privately developed studio sites.

What Birtcher said as the bill was presented to the Senate Finance Committee?

On May 11, During the presentation of Senate Bill 496 (SB496) to the Senate Finance Committee, developer Brandon Birtcher expressed his thoughts and provided valuable insights. Birtcher highlighted the growing interest and potential partnerships that the bill has generated. He mentioned that Jeremy Renner, a prominent figure in the industry, had suggested that Disney could be a potential studio partner. This revelation added fuel to the excitement surrounding Disney’s potential move to Nevada.

Birtcher emphasized that Sony’s collaboration with the Howard Hughes Corporation in building in Summerlin was just the beginning. He stated that Sony and Disney were merely the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of studio production companies showing interest in Southern Nevada. According to Birtcher, negotiations with several studio production companies were already underway, and once the bill becomes law, they would announce their significant partnerships with these renowned production companies.

His statement hinted at the numerous opportunities that the Film Bill could unlock for Nevada’s entertainment industry. It showcased the potential for growth, job creation, and economic development that this legislation could bring to the state. Birtcher’s remarks were an exciting glimpse into the future possibilities that lie ahead for Nevada’s film and television production sector.

New Details on Development

As details of the potential Disney move emerge, the scope of the development becomes clearer. Two primary locations are under consideration for the studio projects. The first is the UNLV Tech Park, a collaboration between UNLV and Birtcher Development. This site aims to establish a film school that rivals renowned institutions like USC, NYU, and Chapman University. The second location is a partnership between Sony Pictures and the Howard Hughes Corporation in Summerlin South, along the 215 Beltway. The development plans include multiple soundstages and phased construction over several years.

Why is Disney Moving to Nevada?

The decision for Disney to potentially move to Nevada is not arbitrary. The state’s favorable business environment, coupled with the incentives provided by the Film Bill, make it an attractive destination. Nevada offers a strategic location, a diverse landscape for filming, and a growing community of talented professionals in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, the competition between states to attract movie productions has intensified in recent years. Nevada’s commitment to building a thriving entertainment industry, coupled with the significant infrastructure investment already made, distinguishes it from other contenders. The prospect of partnering with renowned studios and creating a favorable ecosystem for the movie business makes Nevada an enticing prospect for Disney.

Competition between States

The competition between states to secure major film productions has been fierce, with each vying to offer the most attractive incentives. Tax credits and other benefits play a crucial role in this battle. As studios seek the most favorable arrangements for their projects.

States like Georgia, California, and New York have traditionally dominated the industry, thanks to their robust infrastructure and generous tax incentives. However, Nevada’s emergence as a potential contender in recent years has shaken up the competition. The Film Bill’s massive tax credit package and the state’s commitment to developing the entertainment industry put Nevada on the map as an enticing destination for film productions.

Implications and Potential Benefits

Disney’s potential move to Nevada carries significant implications for the state’s economy, job market, and educational institutions. If the deal materializes, it will bring a surge of economic activity, job creation, and talent development to Southern Nevada.

The Film Bill’s emphasis on long-term investments and job creation can have a transformative effect on Nevada’s economy. The $190 million annual tax credits over two decades will attract major film productions and stimulate related industries, such as hospitality, tourism, and local businesses.

Moreover, the establishment of a film school comparable to prestigious institutions like USC and NYU will provide educational opportunities for aspiring filmmakers and enhance the local talent pool. This will create a sustainable ecosystem that nurtures homegrown talent and fosters growth in the entertainment industry.


The possibility of Disney moving to Nevada presents an exciting opportunity for the state’s economy, job market, and educational institutions. The Film Bill, with its substantial tax credits, provides a compelling incentive for major film productions. Nevada’s emergence as a contender in the competition between states underscores its commitment to developing a thriving entertainment industry. As negotiations progress, Nevada eagerly awaits an announcement that could shape its entertainment landscape for years to come.

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