Is Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster Leaked?

Is Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster Leaked? Cedar Point enthusiasts and roller coaster fans alike are abuzz with speculation after a seemingly accidental online announcement from roller coaster manufacturer Zamperla. The brief revelation hinted at exciting details about the reengineered Top Thrill Dragster ride, once the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, scheduled to open next year. However, fans are torn between whether the leak was a genuine spoiler or an elaborate hoax to keep them guessing until Cedar Point’s official announcement.

Is Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster Leaked?
Is Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster Leaked?
Image Courtesy – Cedar Point

The Suspicious Online Announcement

On social media platforms like Facebook, Cedar Point fans engaged in heated discussions about the leaked announcement. According to rumors, someone at Zamperla mistakenly or intentionally updated the company’s website, showcasing an article titled “Top Thrill 2.” The timing of the incident seemed both intriguing and suspicious, leading to further uncertainty among the fans.

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Cedar Point enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a major announcement scheduled for Tuesday. Many believe this announcement will finally shed light on the much-anticipated details of the revamped Top Thrill Dragster. The ride has been closed since 2021, following a tragic incident where a piece of metal struck a woman in line, causing severe injuries. With the roller coaster turning 20 years old, the timing seems fitting for a grand reimagining.

The Alleged Details of Top Thrill 2

According to the leaked information, the reimagined roller coaster, dubbed “Top Thrill 2,” promises to be an exhilarating experience. The coaster is set to feature a 420-foot vertical spike, three linear synchronous motor launches, and top speeds of up to 120 mph. Each launch is said to be faster and more intense than the previous one, providing an adrenaline-pumping ride like no other. The minimum height restriction for riders is reportedly set at 48 inches.

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Roller coaster enthusiasts are well-known for their enthusiasm in seeking out any hints and conspiracies related to upcoming rides. They are constantly scouring for information to get an early glimpse of the thrills that these rides will offer. However, in this case, fans are unsure whether the leaked announcement was genuine or a deliberate attempt to throw them off and create a surprising reveal on Tuesday.

Introducing Top Thrill 2

The wait is finally over for Cedar Point enthusiasts. After nearly two years of silence following the accident, the Top Thrill Dragster is making a triumphant return as Top Thrill 2. This reimagined roller coaster is set to become the world’s tallest and fastest triple-launch strata roller coaster, standing at an impressive 420 feet.

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The Top Thrill Dragster made its debut at Cedar Point in 2003, becoming the first roller coaster to surpass the 400-foot height mark. The redesigned coaster will now feature a new 420-foot-tall tower, adding to the excitement of the ride. The park’s management took a comprehensive approach when deciding the fate of the iconic ride after the accident, eventually opting to preserve it while revamping the entire ride experience. This includes a new launch system and lighter coaster trains.

The Vision Behind the Redesign

Carrie Boldman, vice president, and general manager of Cedar Point expressed her excitement about the reimagined coaster. She stated that they consider it a one-of-a-kind attraction and are eager to present it to the public. The redesign and construction of the Top Thrill 2 are being undertaken by Zamperla Rides, who have been working on the coaster’s design for around a year and a half.

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Antonio Zamperla, president, and CEO of Zamperla, revealed that their goal was to keep the iconic tower intact while innovating the coaster’s experience. They introduced a new launch system relying on magnets and opted for their “Lightning” trains, designed with cutting-edge racing performance in mind. These trains boast an aluminum-milled chassis and carbon-fiber bodywork, reducing weight and enabling faster acceleration than some of the other coasters at Cedar Point.

Confirmation of the Leak

Despite the leaked announcement being quickly taken down from Zamperla’s website, roller coaster enthusiasts managed to preserve the information using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The leaked details confirm some exciting aspects of the ride, such as a forward launch speed of 119 km/h (74 mph), followed by a new crowd favorite – the rollback. The coaster will also feature a second backward launch at a speed of 163 km/h (101 mph), ascending at a 90-degree angle on the new 420-foot-tall vertical spike.

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The ride will culminate in a third launch reaching its top speed of 193 km/h (120 mph), taking riders over the 420-foot top hat before diving into a thrilling 270-degree spiral leading to the finish line. Zamperla’s Lightning trains will power this incredible coaster, offering an unforgettable experience with their innovative design and performance-enhancing features.

Final Thoughts

As Cedar Point fans eagerly await Tuesday’s official announcement, the leaked details have certainly heightened anticipation. If the leaked information is accurate, the Top Thrill 2 promises an electrifying and heart-pounding adventure like no other. Roller coaster enthusiasts and thrill-seekers will undoubtedly flock to Cedar Point to experience this iconic and reimagined coaster, which stands as a testament to the park’s dedication to offering cutting-edge and exhilarating rides.


For now, all eyes remain on Cedar Point, and fans will soon find out whether the leaked information was a genuine spoiler or an elaborate prank to keep them guessing. Either way, the unveiling of Top Thrill 2 is expected to be one of the most exciting moments in the world of roller coasters, and enthusiasts from far and wide will be counting down the days until they can take the thrilling ride.

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