In a solemn news conference held on Thursday morning, Iowa Public Safety Commissioner Stephan K. Bayens delivered the tragic news of the death of Algona police officer Kevin Cram. The 33-year-old officer, a dedicated 10-year veteran of law enforcement and an 8-year member of the Algona police force, lost his life in the line of duty

Iowa DPS Commissioner Honors Fallen Officer, Refuses to Utter Suspect's Name
Iowa DPS Commissioner Honors Fallen Officer, Refuses to Utter Suspect’s Name

A Hero’s Sacrifice

Officer Cram was shot on Wednesday night while attempting to make an arrest. Commissioner Bayens paid tribute to Officer Cram’s service and valor, emphasizing that he had chosen to be a beacon of light and was willing to stand in the gap between good and evil.

“Algona police officer Kevin Cram died a hero,” Bayens stated, his voice filled with emotion.

The Tragic Incident

The shooting occurred just before 8 p.m. on Wednesday as Officer Cram was trying to apprehend 43-year-old Kyle Ricke. Mitch Mortvedt, assistant director of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, reported that Cram was tragically pronounced dead at a hospital. Ricke, now facing charges of first-degree murder, fled the scene but was apprehended approximately four hours later, approximately 100 miles away in Leavenworth Township, rural Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.

A Refusal to Utter the Name

In a poignant moment during his remarks, Commissioner Bayens made it clear that he would not speak the name of the individual accused of shooting Officer Cram.

“Algona police officer Kevin Cram was murdered by a coward, and I will not speak his name,” Bayens stated, expressing his strong stance on the matter.

Despite the tragic and heartbreaking loss, Bayens and the Algona police force remain resolute in their commitment to continue their duty despite the pain and agony. The community mourns the loss of a hero, and the memory of Officer Kevin Cram will forever be honored.

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