I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage Spoiler

I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage Spoiler. In the realm of Korean webnovels and published works, there exists a tale that captivates hearts and minds alike. Titled “I Was Tricked into this Fake Marriage,” this narrative sweeps readers into a world of societal upheaval, strategic unions, and emotional intricacies. As we journey through the pages of this captivating story, the layers of its plot unravel, revealing a tapestry of power dynamics, personal growth, and fake romance.

I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage Spoiler
I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage Spoiler
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Details In Short

  • Title: I Was Tricked into This Fake Marriage
  • Genre: Fantasy and Romance
  • Characters: Lucia (16th princess), Duke Hugo Taran, Leyrin Efran
  • Premise: Lucia proposes marriage to Duke Hugo to change her fate.
  • Romantic Dynamic: Slow-burning romance, Hugo’s affection vs. Lucia’s unawareness.
  • Humor: Nick Cannon meme adds contemporary fun.
  • Visuals: Korean webnovel adapted into webtoon by AKGI and Pearjuice.
  • Setting: Delpice Empire during relentless conquest.
  • Alliances: Leyrin enlists Nine Night Guild to secure legacy.
  • Themes: Power dynamics, growth, emotions, fake romance.
  • Timeline: Nov 30, 2019, to Apr 10, 2022.
  • Ongoing Adaptation: English release on Jul 29, 2020; new chapters continue.

Chronicles of Lucia: A Dream that Shapes Destiny

I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage Spoiler
I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage Spoiler
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Lucia, the sixteenth princess, grapples with an unsettling vision that propels her towards a transformative odyssey. To defy the trajectory set by her foreseen fate, she takes a bold step – proposing a contract marriage to Duke Hugo Taran. This audacious move becomes the cornerstone of her journey, setting the stage for a cascade of events that challenge societal norms and personal boundaries.

A Canvas of Characters: Affection, Unawareness, and Nick Cannon Parallels

Within the narrative’s pages, a slow-burning romance simmers between Lucia and her contracted partner. The palpable depth of affection that Hugo harbors for Lucia is contrasted by her blissful unawareness. This dynamic creates a charming interplay of emotions, peppered with comedic undertones that resonate with readers. Interestingly, a lighthearted meme draws a playful connection between the story’s characters and Nick Cannon’s prolific fatherhood, adding a touch of contemporary humor to the tale.

The World Unveiled: A Tapestry of Settings and Artistry

As the narrative originated as a Korean webnovel and published work, it finds visual expression through a webtoon adaptation. The cover art, skillfully crafted by AKGI, beckons readers into a world of enchantment. Pearjuice’s illustrations breathe life into characters and scenes, enhancing the immersive experience. This synergy of words and visuals transports readers to the heart of Lucia and Hugo’s journey, evoking a sense of belonging within this fictitious realm.

Delpice Empire’s Aftermath: Resilience and Covert Alliances

The captivating narrative is set against the backdrop of the Delpice Empire’s relentless conquest, which upends the lives of noble dissenters. Leyrin Efran, unexpectedly thrust into the role of a countess, embarks on a mission to safeguard her family’s legacy. To do so, she enlists the Nine Night Guild, an enigmatic group known for their covert skills. The Guild’s mission is to find Leyrin a lower-ranked spouse, a strategic move against imperial dominance. The arrival of a suitable candidate, possessing both allure and compatibility, complicates their arrangement, setting the stage for intricate developments.

Themes Woven: Power Dynamics, Personal Growth, and Emotional Complexities

The narrative’s tapestry is woven with threads of profound themes. Power dynamics take center stage as characters navigate shifting societal hierarchies and make sacrifices to protect their legacies. Leyrin Efran’s transformation from an unwitting countess to a resilient figure exemplifies the theme of personal growth, inspiring readers to seize control of their destinies. The concept of fake romance adds a layer of emotional complexity, delving into the uncharted waters of emotions when convenience intertwines with heart.

A Tale That Persists: Release Dates and Ongoing Engagements

The story embarked on its journey on November 30, 2019, capturing the hearts of readers with its twists and turns. As the story concluded on April 10, 2022, it left an indelible mark on its audience. With 107 chapters spanning the genres of Fantasy and Romance, the Manhwa continues to enchant readers through an ongoing English adaptation. Since its English release on July 29, 2020, it has consistently unveiled new chapters, keeping the allure alive and vibrant.


In conclusion, “I Was Tricked into this Fake Marriage” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling. Through its vivid characters, intricate themes, and imaginative settings, it transports readers into a world where emotions and complexities intertwine. As we navigate power dynamics, witness personal growth, and explore the depths of fake romance, we are reminded of the boundless capacity of the human heart to embrace the unknown and forge ahead into uncharted territories of the soul.

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