How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages? Dry Fasting has existed for decades and decades ago. But, we are losing the ability to dry fast because we have vitamins, supplements, there are lots of fat exercises and fat programmes going on and the main thing is we believe that they will make us better.

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How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages/

Thanks to the internet, dry fasting is again becoming a health industry trend. Millions of people around the world tend to appreciate it because of the incredible health benefits accruing to it.

However, there is no doubt that becoming health conscious and keep considering our daily diet plans is important. But, if I will tell you that your own body has the ability to detoxify itself. Yes, it is built into our body to detoxify ourselves without having to constantly drink juices, taking supplements, turmeric water and all the stuff like that. Just focus on the point, I said constantly! In fasting, we are basically eliminating this constant consumption of food and drinks.
In this particular article, we are going to understand how to perform dry fasting and what are its benefits.
Before that, take a look at what a dry fasting is?

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How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages

Dry Fasting- Introduction

When we fast without water and food, it is known as dry fasting.
Dry Fasting can be divided into two bases mainly. On the basis of water content, it can be soft dry fast and hard dry fast.

Soft dry fasting will give you the permission to use water for brushing teeth and showering. On the other hand, hard dry fasting eliminates water content completely. Like, you cannot use water at all!

Well, if we talk about dry fasting on the basis of the time period, it can be intermittent and prolonged dry fasting.
Under intermittent dry fast, you set a particular time period (constant) which is less than 24 hrs for fasting. Or, you can say that you eat in a particular window of time and fast for remaining hours. This is intermittent dry fasting.

Prolonged dry fasting is somewhat a longer version of intermittent dry fasting. When you go without food and water for above 24 hrs, it is prolonged dry fast.

Prolonged dry fasting is, however, not advisable by many at all, because extended lack of water can even harm your health badly. So, a dry fast should be kept short. But, it does not mean that prolonged dry fasting is totally negligible. There are many people around the world who go for prolonged dry fasting and actually succeeded in healing their body.
So, if you are making your mind to dry fast, take a look at below mentioned steps and stages which you can go through while doing it.

How To Perform Dry Fasting

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How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages

Dry Fasting can be done safely as long as you take all the steps to do it right.
One should not perform dry fast unless he or she has the previous experience of normal water fasts.

1 Pick a Date

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Pick a Date, How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages/

To perform dry fast especially the hard dry fast, the first thing you need is motivation, inspiration and strong willpower to properly go through it. And, then after preparing yourself, just pick a date to start your fast.

You need to understand a couple of things that might be very helpful while you are doing this job.
Note-According to some sources, if you are very new to dry fast, then a long period of a dry fast can even cause your body to death! 

So, as I said earlier, please do dry fast for a long period of time only when you have a shorter dry fast experience.

Dry Fasting is for those who are not malnourished, pregnant and are not suffering from any serious diseases or any eye-related diseases.

2 Be Gentle and Calm With Your Body

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keep calm don’t be hungry, How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages

So, after you have picked up a date and started doing the fast, remind yourself to be gentle and calm with your body.
I know hunger is the first feeling while dry fasting or even in any type of fasting.

Taking a fat adapted diet before dry fast will help you much. Since you won’t be hydrating your body with external liquids, metabolic water is of the extreme importance and your body will strive to make it from fat a higher rate than it would be on water fast.

Given that fat is essential for successful dry fast, it is ideal to take it while you are following a ketogenic diet. Except, you can stick to liquid diets, like before starting the fast, you can take a mixture of water and baking soda. This mixture can actually help to your kidneys functioning because you are set to go without water afterward for a long time in case of hard dry fast.

3 Experiment by Adopting Short or Intermittent Dry Fast

Next, the most important caution that you should take for performing dry fasting is preparing yourself in advance. For instance, if you are planning for prolonged dry fast, then you can experiment by adopting short or intermittent dry fast earlier in advance.

Dry Fasting Stages

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How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages/

1 Early Stage of Preparation (before dry fast)

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Early Stage of Preparation, How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages/

Taking a nutritional diet is much needed before a dry fast. Eliminate all the junk foods, high sugar diets or high doses of caffeine, and at the same time, you have to prepare yourself for the fast by gradually decreasing your food diet. But, remember, your food intake should be nutritional.

2 Hunger Feeling

In the second stage of fasting, when you are actually fasting, after some time, you will have a strong desirous feeling of hunger. And some people quit their fasting due to this feeling because this feeling is going to make them crazy.
But, it will last only for a maximum of two days. After that, your body starts adapting itself.

3 Acidosis

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Acidosis, How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages/

Your body starts eliminating excess waste products on starting from the third day. This process is commonly known as acidosis.
In this stage, there is a feeling of tiredness and dizziness due to lack of food in your body, but at the end, you will be having an amazing experience.

4 Healing

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Healing, How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages/

Acidosis process mainly prevails for two days. So, at the fourth or fifth-day acidosis starts normalizing, giving you a healing experience into your body. You start to feel a sense of well-being and euphoria, as your mind and body feel cleansed.

5 Breaking

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Breaking fast with fruits and Veg, How to Perform Dry Fasting, Dry Fasting Benefits, and Dry Fasting Stages/

At the last moment, when you are breaking your fast, you can again take a mixture of baking soda and water.
You will then return to a normal diet of soft food and vegetables.
You will definitely experience these stages in prolonged dry fasting. However, intermittent fasting also demands to take nutritious food in between.


It is that wellness technique which people have practiced for years because of its following benefits.

• It eliminates toxins faster. There are lots of misconception that fasting cannot eliminate toxins because you are lacking food and water. But, it is not the case.
During dry fasting, your body starts utilizing energy in the way of water and food from itself.

• Dry Fasting is extremely beneficial when it comes to boosting your immunity. It lowers your blood pressure levels and maintains balance.

• Dry fasting reduces inflammation which is the root cause of most diseases like cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even the inability to lose weight.

• It purifies your blood, clear your blood vessels and replenish all of a good bacteria for proper digestion to reduce bloating and flat your limbs.

• You can burn fat three times with dry fasting by adopting a ketogenic diet where your previous diet (before fast) is fat adapted. Your body can produce more metabolic water from fat.
For every 100 grams of fat, your body can make 105-112 grams of water, compared to 60 grams of carbs and just 42 grams from proteins.

• Dry Fasting is the best healing method for your body. Biblical fathers dry fast for even 40 days. Unlike human beings, animals instinctively use dry fasting when injured or sick. This is the power of healing of dry fasting.

Harmful microorganisms need water to survive.

So, dry fasting is an amazing tool to deal with your health issues unless and until you have serious conditions.

• After dry fasting, only the strong cells survive. All the bad cells are going to eliminate from your body.
Dry Fasting allows cells to experience a revitalization.

• You will feel a sense of spirituality when your body starts normalizing and healing. It is the most amazing experience, a dry fast can give if done correctly.

• The body knows exactly what to do. It starts burning everything that is nonessential.

• Dry Fasting creates such a hostile environment where every cell of the body can clean house.

• It positively affects levels of triglycerides, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and total cholesterol. HDL levels increase in women and LDL decrease in both sexes.

• Multiple studies show that a dry fast can also regulate blood sugar and decrease blood glucose levels.

• It gives you the gift of prolonged life. A healthy heart can make you live longer and it is connected to the heart-healthy benefits of dry fasting.

• PTH (Parathyroid Hormone) increases during dry fasting. This increase in PTH levels can lead to the bone formation and high calcium levels.

Muslims practice it every year for a month.

Russian Doctor, the pioneer of Dry Fasting Sergei Filonov describes a similar observation of animal dry fasting in his book, Dry Medical Fasting: Myths and Realities.
You can heal your body by using the intelligence and brilliance of your human body, God’s most beautiful creation.

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