Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime | Making slime is a fun-filled activity for young school children and even for a teenager. Parents and teachers can vouch for the fact that slime keeps kids deeply engrossed.

Make slime is deeply engrossed, creative and budget friendly. Making slime is so popular that stationary usually is stocked with the ingredients throughout the year.

How to make slime with glue Some parents have reported signs of irritations in kids making slime but the irritation is very mild, and there are practically no side effects.

Elmer’s Glue is the most popular ingredient in slime. It has been tested by several groups, proven to be mild and without side effects on children. Preparing slime is like a fun practical experiment.

Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime
Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime

Ingredients of Slime

Slime is made with four to five ingredients. Each of those ingredients plays a key role in the consistency of the slime. Adding or eliminating the ingredients can alter the appearance, touch, and feel of the slime.

Similar tinkering with the amount of each ingredient, whether adding more of one or removing more of the other, it is possible to experience some unexpected consistency in how the slime the shapes up.

The idea here is to have fun and find a slime recipe that you love and enjoy working with. There are several recipes that work for slime preparation. For instance, you can use glue, liquid laundry detergent, shaving cream, food coloring, and sparkles.

You can try any brand of liquid detergent to see what pleases you. Shaving cream, food coloring, and sparkles are optional. Shaving cream does the trick to make your slime fluffier.

The process of Slime making (Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime and Super Slime)

Step 1: Take a mixing bowl. Before using a bowl clean it properly.

Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime
Take a mixing bowl, Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime

Step 2: Pour the glue into the bowl. Mix all the glue uniformly.

Pour the glue into the bowl Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime
Pour the glue into the bowl, Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime

Step 3: Use any slime activator. In this slime recipe, we are using contact lens solution. You can use different slime activator-like liquid detergent in equal measures,

then add shaving creams (Optional in Slime Recipe),

food color or sparkles to the concoction. (Optional in Slime Recipe)

Note: If you are using Contact Lens Solution as an activator you must use baking soda solution to get the result.

Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime
Mixing Baking Soda, Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime
Adding Contact Lens Solution


Step 4: Achieve the desired consistency by changing the ratio of glue to Slime Activator.

Similarly, by adding little or more food coloring you make your slime look rich intensely colored or mild soothingly colored.

Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime
Getting The Result, Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime

After you have stirred and mixed in the ingredients, now it is time kneading the slime with your hands. Kids usually have a lot of fun kneading and stretching the slime thus giving the new feel and look. If you have added glitters to your slime enjoy the twinkling effect. There are other fun slime recipes.

Other Activator Of Slime

slime activator list
Slime Activator List, Slime Recipe | How to Make Slime

You can make slime with cornstarch, borax or glue or could make slime with glitter glue, contact solution and baking soda, and continue with the experimenting fun! Always play with the amount of component that you are adding to the slime mix.

For the later recipe, a teaspoon of baking soda and a few splashes of contact solution added to the glitter glue will do the trick. With the contact solution and baking soda, you can make you slime look really shiny. And if you are not a fan of the glitter, by all means, do away with them.


You can also replace the cornstarch with liquid starch and mix it with glue and water in a mixing bowl. With the slime making kids can really let their imagination run wild. There are no rules. Anything works as long as you get involved and have some serious fun with it.

After play store slime in an airtight container. This will preserve the slime in the right consistency for many days. And always remember to wash your hand s after playing with slime especially before eating.

How to make Super Slime (Super Slime Recipe)

Super slime is a notch chemically complex than simple slime. Super slime is incredibly viscous or very gooey. It is transparent, non-toxic and feels amazing to touch. Although, slime is non-toxic never allow unsupervised kids to play with chemicals that go into slime. Super slime contains polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), Borax (sodium tetraborate) and food coloring (optional).

Preparation(Slime Recipe)

To prepare super slime to take a jar, beaker or a mixing bowl. To it add polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) solution, few drops of sodium tetraborate (Borax) solution, and stir slowly.

Experiment with the amount of polyvinyl alcohol solution you want to add. If you want colored super slime to add a few drops of food coloring agent. Stir thoroughly to combine all the ingredients.

You will quickly observe the visible appearance of slime from the solution. Try lifting some of the slimes from the solution. Play with slime. Stretch it, knead it, but do not eat it! For future use store slime in a sealed plastic bag and stash it away in the fridge.

This will prevent the slime from drying out and molding. So what makes the super slime vastly different the glue slime? It is the polyvinyl alcohol really. Polyvinyl alcohol is a polymer and as is in the nature of all polymers they have a propensity to form long chains of connected molecules. Sodium tetraborate strengthens the polymerization by forming additional bonds within the PVA chains. The bonding facilitated by sodium tetraborate is called hydrogen bonding which then interlinks parallel strands of individual PVA chains making them appear as a conglomerate or blog of slime.

PVA makes super slime

The extensive polymerization facilitated by PVA makes super slime extra gooey. The overall slime structure is held together with weak attractive forces which break and reform as you knead the slime giving it a squishy feel. Enough of the chemistry already! Slime is all about having fun.

Children love sensory play so you add an innovative spin to the traditional way of making slime by adding essential oils or scented food colorings in the slime ingredients. Calming essential oils such as lavender or Vetiver is a great addition. Additionally, you can have your kids add a flower or butterfly confetti. It is so much fun to play with stretchy slime and find hidden confetti within the slime. It gets even more exciting with reusable slime bubbles.

You can have your kids blow into the slime to create bubbles. It is a great sensory joy for kids to play with slime bubble. It will keep them engaged and entertained for a long time, trying to blow the biggest bubble they can. Also, rest assured kids can never suck up the slime through the straw as the slime is very gooey or viscous. Playing with slime is fun, safe and creative.

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