How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers. Astelle Von Lestern, daughter of duke Lestern, was preparing to marry prince Kaizen for 10 years. Both of them get married but bad news came that the Emperor, Kaizen’s father died just after the day of the marriage of Kaizen and Astelle. That was a bad moment for everyone but worse is going to happen with Astelle.

How to Hide the Emperor's Child Spoilers
How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers

After the death of his father, Kaizen told Astelle that their marriage was his father’s wish and now he died. so she must give him a divorce. Hearing this she was very sad but she agreed to give him a divorce. Astelle hides the fact that she was pregnant and she is going to be the mother of Kaizen’s child. In this way, the story How to Hide the Emperor’s Child goes on with twists and turns. Here we are going to tell you some spoilers and main events of the story How to Hide the Emperor’s Child spoilers.

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How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers Chapter 1 to 10

Astelle hides his child for 6 years

After the divorce Astelle left that place and hide. She gave birth to his child and whose father was kaizen. The was a boy and she gave him a name and that was Theore. He had red eyes same as his father Kaizen.

After six years Kaizen found her and he sends his soldiers to bring her. To change Theore’s identity so that no one can identify him Astelle dropped some potion to change his eye color.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers

Six years before, Kaizen became the emperor after his father’s death. He wanted to end the corrupt aristocracy. At that time, the high lord of the north started a rebellion in retaliation. In that rebellion, Kaizen ends the high lord of the north’s entire family.

The failed rebellion split the empire into two main forces. The monarchy was made up of newly appointed officials and the nobles of the Aristocracy. Astelle’s father became head of the Aristocracy. After that conflict, most of the nobles were wiped out. The situation remains tense and his father was still alive.

Astelle knew that in that situation his child, Theore can be used by greedy people. That’s why she hides her child’s identity. When she met Kaizen she told that the child is his nephew.

Will of grand empress Dowager.

Kaizen lost her mother when he was a child. He was raised by his grandmother. She was the heiress to the Duchy of Meilen in the southern region. Now she passed away. She made a will and she passed Duchy to his grandson kaizen.

She wrote a very strange will. In that, she wrote ‘without the consent of the former empress, Astelle Von Lestern nothing may be decided regarding the southern Duchy.

Why did Kaizen call Astelle?

Because of the will of the grand empress Dowager, Kaizen can’t fully control the southern Duchy. He needs the approval of Astelle for that. He told to Astelle that he will give her a manor and a mansion in the capital. For that, she had to hand over the southern Duchy to the imperial family.

Astelle agreed to give up southern Duchy but she wanted to change the conditions. Her conditions were:- first, she wanted her grandfather’s pension instead of territory.

second, as soon as the will issue is resolved he had to send her and her family to the east.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers Chapter 11 to 20

Who opened the medicine box of Astelle?

One day Astelle observed that someone had entered her room and tried to open her box and her drawer. So she was curious about it, who entered her room and try to check her things? For that, she consult Sir Lyndon and took his help of him to investigate.

How to Hide the Emperor's Child Spoilers
How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers

There were only three maids who were there to take care of Astelle. They called all the maids. astelle was very clever she put Lagenin juice in that place. It is a rare weed found in the forest if it comes in contact with skin it causes a red rash. So she told all the maids to show their hands.

She caught the real culprit behind it. A maid’s hand was full of rashes. That maid told that she did this because Marian told her to do that.

How to Hide the Emperor's Child Spoilers
How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers Chapter 21 to 30

Theore disappeared.

It was the day of prom. Astelle was getting ready for it. Hanna, the childhood friend Astelle was helping her to get ready. Theore went out to play with his dog and a maid was also there with Theore so that she can take care of him.

After a few hours that maid came to Astelle and said to her that Theore disappeared. A maid told that she saw him. Also, she saw Theore when he push the pottery and broke it.

Then Kaizen arrived there with Theore. then they asked that maid when she saw Theore breaking that precious pottery. Theore told that he did not break it.

He told everyone that when he was playing with Blin, his dog the lost the maid. Then a stranger maid came there to kidnap him. When that stranger tried to kidnap him Blin attacked her and saved him. Both of them ran away. Theore didn’t know the way back but he followed his dog.

After some time they see Kaizen. kaizen takes them to a safe place. There Kaizen wanted to investigate that, who tried to kidnap Theore. They called all the maids. Theore identified the maid who wanted to kidnap him.

In interrogation, she told that because she broke that pottery and she wanted to frame there for this. But that was not the truth. It was done by Marian.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers Chapter 31 to 40


Astelle was planning that she will ask Kaizen to give the order to send her grandfather and her son back to their home. Prom was the perfect time to ask this in front of everyone and Kaizen will never refuse her request in front of everyone. But, when Kaizen and Astelle were dancing, Astelle kneel down and requested him to send Theore and her grandfather back.

She expected that he will agree with her but he said, “No, we will talk about it later. Right, both of them aren’t in the best condition, so there’s no need to travel far right now.”

Kaizen wanted Astelle to live with him.

After the ball, Astelle came out of the hall. Kaizen followed him and wanted to talk to her. Kaizen did not allow her grandfather and Theore back. In compulsion, he explained to her, “It’s not that if it weren’t for the two of them. Because you’d leave me again. Because you wouldn’t stay in the capital anymore. I wouldn’t be able to see you. I hope you’d stay beside me.”

By saying all these things Kaizen confesses all his feeling which he had inside for Astelle. At that time she refused to stay beside him because, in those 6 six after her divorce, she had to go through tough times.

Duke of Reston preparing for rebillion.

Duke of Reston, Astelle’s father was preparing for rebellion. The duke of Siette was a spy. He was recruited just to leak false information to the emperor i.e., Kaizen. Basically, Astelle’s father was preparing a trap for Kaizen by providing him with false information.

He wanted to raid the emperor at Dentsu Castle.

Attack on Kaizen!

It was a beautiful day. Kaizen went to the forest for hunting. On the other hand, Astelle went for a picnic with Theore and her grandfather. Both of them, Kaizen and Astelle were in a different place. Astelle was searching for medicine in the forest and her grandfather was taking care of Theore.

After some time rain starts and Astelle lost the path. She tried to find Theore and her grandfather. But, She didn’t get them instead she found Kaizen. There she told him that she lost Theore and her grandfather.

Kaizen sends his all escort to find them. There Kaizen and Astelle were alone. Suddenly after some time, a few assassins with swords attacked them. Kaizen fought with them with his sword. He was wounded in that fight. Those assassins were sent by Astelle’s father.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers Chapter 41 to 50

Astelle’s another condition.

It was the day to delegate the powers to his majesty the emperor of the south region. Previously Astelle already told the condition to give control of the south region. But at court when she asked that she want to delegate the powers of the south. She asked for the new conditions from his majesty.

She asked his majesty that the Basentin Mansion, where the empress Dowager was born and raised, should be converted into an educational institution. She wanted to establish a charity school for the poor and the needy. Kaizen allowed her that.

Theore got sick.

When Kaizen, Astelle, and Theore went to the night market. When Theore was watching a puppet show suddenly he fainted. All of them got worried for him. Astelle always gets a high fever if she eats Lintail. Theore ate a sandwich in the market in which Lintail was used. Then Astelle knew that Theore also had an allergy to Lintail.

Astelle was worried that if someone knew that then Theore’s will be revealed. But she managed to hide the secret that Theore is the son of Kaizen.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers Chapter 51 to 56

Kaizen knew that Theore is Astelle’s Child!

After Theore got sick Kaizen was worried that why Astelle is too much worried about that kid. In the ‘How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Spoilers Chapter 51’, Kaizen Investigated the birth of Theore and he found that Astelle is the mother of Theore.

Theore Kidnaped!

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