Tragic Discovery: Alfa Barrie’s Mysterious Death Raises Questions and Grief in Bronx Community.

How Did Garrett Warren And Alfa Barrie Died? The Bronx community is grappling with the devastating loss of 11-year-old Alfa Barrie, whose body was discovered in the Hudson River after he and his 13-year-old friend, Garrett Warren, went missing earlier this month. The tragic circumstances surrounding Alfa’s death have left his family and the community searching for answers. As investigations continue, the mystery deepens, with questions arising about how the boys ended up in separate rivers and whether any criminal activity was involved. In this article, we delve into the details of this heartbreaking incident and the ongoing efforts to unravel the truth.

Dates and Times Regarding Garrett Warren And Alfa Barrie Death:

  • May 12: Alfa Barrie, 11, last seen on this day.
  • May 13, around 1:30 a.m.: Garrett Warren, 13, last seen in front of his home in Harlem.
  • May 14: Alfa Barrie reported missing to the police.
  • May 14: Search efforts initiated by the families and community members.
  • May 12, after school: Alfa and Garrett seen on security camera footage at Anas Fish Market at 145th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard.
  • May 14: Alfa Barrie’s body recovered from the Hudson River at West 102nd Street.
  • May 16: Garrett Warren reported missing.
  • May 20: Garrett Warren’s body recovered from the Harlem River, on the east side of Manhattan.
  • May 20: Garrett Warren’s cause of death determined as accidental drowning by the medical examiner’s office.
  • May 20: Pending examination to determine the cause of Alfa Barrie’s death.

The Discovery and Lingering Questions:

Late last week, authorities recovered Garrett Warren’s body in the Harlem River, while Alfa Barrie’s body was found in the Hudson River over the weekend. The discovery has raised perplexing questions about how their bodies ended up in different rivers if they had entered the water together at the same location and time. Families are left grappling with grief, seeking closure, and demanding answers to this heart-wrenching tragedy.

Garrett Warren And Alfa Barrie Cause Of Death

The medical examiner’s office has determined that Garrett Warren’s cause of death was accidental drowning. However, further examination is required to determine the manner and cause of Alfa Barrie’s death. As investigations continue, law enforcement sources have disclosed that a teenage witness reported seeing the boys near the water’s edge at 145th Street on the fateful night of May 12. According to the witness, an altercation between the boys resulted in both of them entering the water. The witness promptly informed the authorities, initiating the search efforts.

How Did Garrett Warren And Alfa Barrie Died?
How Did Garrett Warren And Alfa Barrie Died? – NYPD News

Unraveling the Timeline:

Authorities have been working diligently to piece together the events leading up to the tragic incident. One crucial aspect of the investigation is identifying and interviewing all the children who were present with Alfa and Garrett that night. The hope is that their testimony may shed light on the circumstances surrounding the boys’ disappearance and provide vital clues to assist the ongoing investigations.

Expert Insights on River Drift:

Concerns have been raised about the geographical separation of the boys’ bodies, with Alfa found in the Hudson River and Garrett in the Harlem River. However, marine experts have confirmed that it is plausible for a body to drift from the Harlem River to the Hudson River due to water currents and other environmental factors. This information offers a possible explanation for the apparent discrepancy in their locations.

Community Support and Remembering Alfa Barrie:

The Bronx community has rallied together to support the grieving families and remember the young lives lost too soon. Vigils, memorial services, and community gatherings are being organized to honor Alfa’s memory and provide solace to his loved ones. This outpouring of support demonstrates the resilience and unity of the community in times of profound tragedy.


The devastating loss of Alfa Barrie has left the Bronx community in mourning, seeking answers, and grappling with profound grief. As investigations into this tragic incident continue, it is crucial to support the affected families and provide them with the closure they deserve. The hope is that a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding Alfa’s death will emerge, bringing solace and helping prevent such heartbreaking incidents in the future. As the community rallies together, the memory of Alfa Barrie will forever remain in their hearts, serving as a reminder of the need for vigilance and the importance of cherishing the precious lives of our children.

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