Four Reasons Why Michigan State Won’t Hire Urban Meyer

With the recent firing of head coach Mel Tucker, Michigan State University is on the hunt for a new leader to helm its football program. The news came in the wake of allegations against Tucker, which ultimately led to his dismissal, leaving a void in the coaching staff. Speculation about potential candidates for the position has been rampant, with one name, in particular, capturing both attention and controversy: Urban Meyer.

The possibility of Urban Meyer taking the reins at Michigan State has stirred up widespread debate and discussion among fans, media, and football enthusiasts alike. Meyer, a renowned coach with a storied career that includes three national championships, is currently available and, on paper, appears to be an attractive choice for the Spartans. However, there are compelling reasons why this scenario may not materialize.

Four Reasons Why Michigan State Won't Hire Urban Meyer
Four Reasons Why Michigan State Won’t Hire Urban Meyer (Image By Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports)

Reason 1: Controversial Past

Urban Meyer’s coaching career has been marred by controversies and off-field issues. While his coaching prowess is undeniable, his checkered past raises serious concerns. One notable incident involved his handling of domestic abuse allegations against one of his assistant coaches during his tenure at Ohio State. These issues have cast a shadow over his coaching legacy and may make him a contentious choice for Michigan State, a university that values its reputation and integrity.

Reason 2: Risky Reputation

Hiring Urban Meyer would undoubtedly be a high-risk, high-reward move for Michigan State. While his track record in turning around struggling programs is impressive, his reputation for leaving teams and programs in turmoil after his departure is equally well-documented. The Spartans must weigh the potential short-term gains against the long-term stability and reputation of their football program.

Reason 3: Competition and Realism

Despite the allure of Urban Meyer, there is fierce competition for his services. Other college football programs, both in the Big Ten and nationally, are vying for his attention. Furthermore, Meyer’s return to coaching, if it were to happen, would likely target higher-profile programs with established traditions. Michigan State, while a respected program, may not align with Meyer’s ambitions, making the hiring a less realistic prospect.

Reason 4: Perception vs. Reality

There is a narrative perpetuated by some that Michigan State is not an attractive destination for top-tier coaching talent. This narrative, often fueled by rival schools and their media affiliates, attempts to downplay the Spartans’ stature in college football. However, the reality is different. Michigan State boasts impressive metrics, including revenue, TV ratings, attendance, and championships, that place it among the nation’s top football programs. The Spartan faithful should not sell themselves short when considering potential candidates for their next head coach.


While Urban Meyer’s name has been swirling in the rumor mill, there are significant obstacles and reasons why his appointment as Michigan State’s head coach may not come to fruition. The controversy surrounding his past, the risks involved, the competitive landscape, and the perception-versus-reality issue all contribute to the uncertainty of Meyer’s potential hiring. As Michigan State embarks on its quest for a new football leader, it must carefully weigh its options and consider the long-term implications of its decision.


Q1: What led to Mel Tucker’s firing?

A1: Mel Tucker’s firing was prompted by allegations of sexual harassment made against him by Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor and activist. Tucker was initially suspended and later fired for cause following these allegations.

Q2: Who is currently serving as the acting head coach for Michigan State?

A2: Harlon Barnett, a former All-American defensive back for the Spartans, is currently serving as the acting head coach for Michigan State.

Q3: What are some of the challenges facing Michigan State’s football program?

A3: Michigan State’s football program has faced challenges such as turnovers, penalties, and a recent losing streak. Additionally, the program is striving to rebuild after a period of instability.

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