Fact Check: Debunking the Naira Marley Twin Myth Amidst Radio Station Ban

The controversy surrounding Azeez Fashola, famously known as Naira Marley, seems to be deepening, with accusations and speculation swirling around his alleged involvement in the tragic death of his former signee, Mohbad. As tensions rise, a peculiar figure emerged on social media – a TikToker who bears a striking resemblance to Naira Marley and goes by the moniker ‘Naira Marley Twin.’ However, this look-alike’s plea for respite from online harassment has stirred confusion, prompting us to delve into the truth behind the Naira Marley twin myth and the escalating radio station ban on the artist’s songs.
In the midst of vehement attacks against Naira Marley, triggered by Mohbad’s untimely demise, a Nigerian skit maker, who shares an uncanny resemblance with the controversial musician, took to social media. Under the name ‘Naira Marley Twin,’ he implored Nigerians to cease reporting his account as a fake. Despite their resemblance, he clarified that he is not Naira Marley; he is, in fact, a comedian, not a singer.

This plea led to widespread confusion, with multiple social media accounts erroneously declaring him as “Naira Marley’s twin.” It’s crucial to set the record straight: the individual in the viral TikTok video is not Naira Marley’s twin; he merely uses the name ‘Naira Marley Twin’ on his social media handles due to their shared likeness. Naira Marley does not have a twin brother; he has two male siblings and a sister, as we will explore shortly.
To clarify the family ties of Naira Marley, it’s essential to note that while he doesn’t have a twin, he does have family members who are not as widely known. Naira Marley has a younger brother named Babatunde Moshood Fashola, who is recognized as Shuddy Funds. Additionally, he has another younger brother, Idris Fashola, who is popularly known as Marley Jnr. These family connections provide a glimpse into the artist’s personal life beyond his public persona.
As the backlash against Naira Marley intensifies following Mohbad’s death, the artist has witnessed a significant decline in his Instagram followers, losing over half a million in just one week. This decline comes in the wake of reports and videos suggesting that Naira Marley harassed Mohbad after the latter’s departure from his record label.

Fact Check: Debunking the Naira Marley Twin Myth Amidst Radio Station Ban(Image via Don Chidoo X screenshot and Naira Marley/Instagram)
Fact Check: Debunking the Naira Marley Twin Myth Amidst Radio Station Ban(Image via Don Chidoo X screenshot and Naira Marley/Instagram)

These allegations have fueled suspicions about Naira Marley’s involvement in Mohbad’s tragic death, prompting certain radio stations to take action. In Oyo state, Splash 105.5 FM publicly announced on Twitter that they have ceased playing songs from Marlian Records, the label associated with Naira Marley, due to the allegations against its CEO. Another station, Agidigbo FM, joined the ban on Marlian Records’ songs.

Fresh FM, 106.9 in Ado-Ekiti, also issued a statement on Instagram, confirming their ban on all Marlian songs in response to the controversy surrounding the late Mohbad. Their announcement cited the public outcry and the viral videos allegedly implicating members of Marlian Records.

Several privately owned radio stations have followed suit, refraining from playing songs from Naira Marley’s label, marking a significant impact on his music’s airplay.
The tragic death of singer Mohbad has sparked public outrage, primarily due to the lack of transparency surrounding the case. Nigerian protesters have taken to the streets, demanding a thorough investigation into the sudden demise of the beloved artist.

Mohbad, at just 27 years old, succumbed to an undisclosed injury in a Lagos hospital, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding his death. Authorities have yet to provide detailed information about the incident. In response to the public outcry and protests, regional law enforcement agencies have formed a special investigative team tasked with exhuming Mohbad’s body for a comprehensive autopsy.
As the cloud of controversy looms over Naira Marley and the tragic loss of Mohbad, it is vital to separate fact from fiction. The ‘Naira Marley Twin’ is not the artist’s actual twin but rather an individual who shares a striking resemblance. Naira Marley’s family comprises siblings, but not a twin brother.

The radio station ban on Marlian Records’ songs underscores the gravity of the allegations surrounding Naira Marley’s role in Mohbad’s death. The public outcry and protests demanding transparency and justice have prompted official investigations into the circumstances leading to Mohbad’s passing. As this unfolding story continues to capture the nation’s attention, only time will reveal the truth behind these troubling events.

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