In a shocking turn of events, an astonishing incident took place in Babahoyo, Ecuador. A 76-year-old woman named Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro, who had been presumed dead and declared deceased at a local hospital, was unexpectedly found alive and actively knocking on her own coffin during her own wake. This unbelievable occurrence left everyone in a state of disbelief and sparked an investigation by the Ministry of Public Health. The incident unfolded when mourners had gathered to pay their last respects to Bella Yolanda. Montoya’s family rushed her to the Martín Icaza Hospital in Babahoyo on Friday after suspecting she had a stroke and experienced cardiorespiratory arrest. Despite resuscitation attempts, the attending doctor, as stated in the government’s announcement, confirmed her death.

According to El Universo, her son reported that he admitted her to the hospital at approximately 9 a.m. on Friday. He further explained that around midday, a doctor informed him of his mother’s passing. Later that same afternoon, during the wake, relatives who had gathered realized that Montoya was actually alive. Promptly, they called emergency services, and local media reported that emergency services swiftly returned her to the same hospital where she had been declared dead only hours earlier.

Dead Woman Alive In Coffin! The Shocking Revelation
On June 9, a 76-year-old woman declared dead in Babahoyo, Ecuador, shocked her family by knocking on her coffin during her wake.
(By AP) Dead Woman Alive In Coffin! The Shocking Revelation

Details In Short:

  • Date: June 9
  • Location: Babahoyo, Ecuador
  • Name: Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro
  • Age: 76 years old
  • Incident: Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro, who was presumed dead, was found alive and knocking on her own coffin during her wake.
  • Hospital: Martín Icaza Hospital in Babahoyo
  • Video: Bella Yolanda’s son, Gilberto Barbera, captured the astonishing scene on video.
  • Investigation: The Ministry of Public Health launched an investigation into the misdiagnosis and funeral arrangements.
  • Misdiagnosis: The hospital declared Bella Yolanda deceased after resuscitation attempts failed.
  • Family’s Report: Bella Yolanda’s son reported that a doctor informed him of his mother’s death around midday.
  • Emergency Call: Relatives called emergency services when they realized Bella Yolanda was alive during the wake.
  • Return to Hospital: Emergency responders transported Bella Yolanda back to the same hospital where the doctors had declared her dead.
  • Ministry’s Investigation: The investigation aims to determine the events leading to the misdiagnosis and improve patient care.
  • National Technical Committee: They established a committee to conduct a thorough medical audit and identify responsible individuals.
  • Objective: The investigation seeks to bring accountability and implement corrective measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The Shocking Revelation

On that fateful day in Babahoyo, Ecuador, family and friends gathered to pay their last respects to Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro. Little did they know that they were about to witness an inexplicable event that would challenge the very concept of life and death. As mourners surrounded her open casket, the unimaginable happened—Bella Yolanda began to exhibit signs of life. Her heart was pounding, and her left hand knocked insistently on the confines of the coffin. As the shocking reality sank in, everyone in the room erupted in pandemonium, realizing that Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro, who had been previously believed to be deceased, was actually alive.

The son of the supposed deceased woman, Gilberto Barbera, captured the astounding scene on a video that later went viral on social media platforms. The footage depicted the bewildered expressions of the mourners, their faces etched with disbelief and hope. The attendees made urgent calls to emergency services, and within moments, a team arrived at the wake to assess the situation and transport Bella Yolanda to the hospital.

Hospital’s Initial Pronouncement

The Ministry of Public Health’s subsequent investigation revealed that they admitted Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro to the Martín Icaza Hospital in Babahoyo on Friday. They admitted her due to a possible stroke and cardiopulmonary arrest. Despite resuscitation efforts, the attending doctor pronounced her dead after she showed no response to the standard protocols. Tragically, Bella Yolanda’s presumed passing became official, leading to the planning of her funeral. In February, authorities fined a hospice in Iowa $10,000 for incorrectly declaring the death of a patient with early-onset dementia. The woman later woke up in a body bag at a funeral home but died days later with family members by her side, according to a state report.

However, the events that transpired at her wake defied medical certainty. The shocking discovery of her being alive shook the medical community and raised serious concerns about the accuracy of her initial diagnosis. The authorities have launched a state investigation to determine the sequence of events that led to the declaration of Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro’s death and the subsequent funeral arrangements.

Son’s Plea for Medical Assistance

As the video circulated on social media, viewers were witnesses to the heart-wrenching moment when Bella Yolanda’s son, Gilberto Barbera, passionately implored for an urgent dispatch of an ambulance. In the emotional plea, he provided vital information about his mother’s condition and the urgent need for medical attention.The anguish and desperation in his voice resonated with people around the world, captivating them with this unimaginable turn of events. Gilberto’s unwavering determination to save his mother’s life amid the shocking revelation added an emotional layer to an already extraordinary story.

Despite the frantic efforts of those present, Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro’s initial misdiagnosis had profound consequences. The shocking incident prompted authorities to scrutinize the medical procedures and protocols that led to the false declaration of her death, hoping to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Ministry’s Investigation and Medical Audit

In response to the baffling incident, the Ministry of Public Health in Ecuador, in conjunction with the Health Services Quality Assurance Agency, has initiated a comprehensive investigation. The Ministry of Public Health in Ecuador established a national technical committee, which has the task of conducting a thorough medical audit to determine the individuals responsible for the alleged confirmation of Bella Yolanda’s death. The committee will meticulously examine the events leading up to the misdiagnosis, assessing the adherence to standard medical protocols, and identifying any negligence or procedural errors. According to a state report, in February, a hospice in Iowa received a $10,000 fine for erroneously declaring the death of a patient with early-onset dementia. The woman, who later woke up in a body bag at a funeral home, unfortunately passed away a few days later with family members present.

By delving into the circumstances surrounding Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro’s admission, treatment, and subsequent declaration of death, the committee aims to bring forth accountability and ensure that such distressing incidents do not recur. The medical audit seeks to shed light on the practices within the Martín Icaza Hospital, exploring potential shortcomings in diagnosing patients and declaring their deaths. The goal is to uncover any systemic issues and implement corrective measures to enhance patient care and safety.


The shocking incident of Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro being found alive in her own coffin during her wake has sparked nationwide consternation and an urgent investigation into the events leading to the misdiagnosis. As the national technical committee conducts a thorough medical audit, Ecuador’s medical fraternity and the general public eagerly await answers. This astonishing incident serves as a reminder of the fallibility of medical diagnoses and the importance of rigorous protocols in determining the status of a patient. The hope is that through this investigation, crucial lessons will be learned, and necessary changes will be implemented to prevent such devastating errors in the future.

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