Cow with Racial Slur Name Wins Competition at Wisconsin State Fair: How?

Cow with Racial Slur Name Wins Competition at Wisconsin State Fair: How? In a surprising turn of events at the renowned Wisconsin State Fair, a cow bearing an offensive racial slur name managed to win a competition, sparking outrage and raising questions about the fair’s review process. The incident has led to a public outcry and calls for accountability, shedding light on the challenges of maintaining sensitivity and inclusivity in public events. The cow, exhibited by the Hildebrandt family from Hustisford, has stirred controversy and prompted a reassessment of the fair’s procedures.

Cow with Racial Slur Name Wins Competition at Wisconsin State Fair: How?
Cow with Racial Slur Name Wins Competition at Wisconsin State Fair (Image By

The Shocking Revelation

The Wisconsin State Fair, steeped in tradition and dating back to 1851, is an annual event that has come to symbolize family fun and celebration. However, this year’s fair took an unexpected turn when David Blake of Pewaukee stumbled upon a cow with a name that left him stunned. The cow had been named using an old racial slur for Black people. Blake’s shock at encountering such an offensive term within the fair’s premises reflects the deeper issue at hand – the presence of derogatory language in a space meant for enjoyment and unity.

Social Media Ignites the Fire

In an age of social media sharing, events can quickly gain traction and reach a wider audience. A man attending the fair snapped a photo of the cow’s name and shared it on social media platforms. This image caught the attention of Vaun Mayes, a Milwaukee community activist with a substantial following. Mayes, disturbed by the racial slur, shared the image with his followers, amplifying the call for action and accountability. The incident, which might have otherwise remained confined to the fair’s grounds, swiftly spread across digital platforms, intensifying the pressure on fair organizers to address the issue.

Swift Action Taken

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, State Fair spokesperson Tess Kerksen swiftly condemned the behavior and took decisive action. The cow with the offensive name was removed from State Fair Park, and the exhibitor responsible for the cow’s entry was also expelled from the fair. The statement issued by Kerksen expressed regret that the incident had not been brought to their attention sooner, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive review process to ensure such occurrences do not take place in the future.

A Community’s Outrage

The revelation of the cow’s offensive name has stirred strong emotions within the community. David Blake, the fair attendee who encountered the slur, expressed his shock and dismay at the incident. He emphasized the need for certain words to be strictly off-limits, comparing the impact of the racial slur to other highly offensive language. Blake’s sentiments reflect the sentiment that some terms should remain unequivocally unacceptable, especially in spaces meant to foster inclusivity and unity.

Apologies and Accountability

In the aftermath of the incident, the Hildebrandt family, the exhibitors of the cow, issued a statement extending their sincere apologies. Their acknowledgment of the harm caused by the use of the racial slur and their commitment to educating themselves further underline the importance of growth and understanding. The family’s swift action in changing the cow’s name to “Puzzle” in online listings demonstrates a willingness to rectify their mistake and move towards rectifying the situation.

Questioning the Review Process

The incident has raised questions about the Wisconsin State Fair’s review process for exhibitors and their entries. Activist Vaun Mayes has openly questioned how a cow with such a name managed to be part of the competition. This probing inquiry highlights the need for a comprehensive and stringent review of all entries to prevent offensive content from making its way into the fair. Mayes’ concerns spark a broader conversation about the fair’s responsibility in upholding values of inclusivity and respect.

Reassessing and Moving Forward

In response to the incident, State Fair spokesperson Tess Kerksen announced plans to review the entry process rigorously. The goal is to ensure that offensive and inappropriate content is promptly identified and eliminated from the fair’s exhibitions. As the fair gears up for the 2024 edition, this commitment to reevaluating procedures signals a step in the right direction. Preventing a recurrence of such a situation is not only crucial for maintaining the fair’s reputation but also for fostering an environment where all attendees feel welcome and respected.


The saga of the cow with the racial slur name winning a competition at the Wisconsin State Fair serves as a stark reminder of the challenges in maintaining sensitivity and inclusivity in public events. The incident ignited outrage, prompted swift action, and initiated a necessary dialogue about accountability and the fair’s review process. As the fair’s organizers work towards preventing such situations in the future, the episode serves as a poignant lesson on the importance of vigilance in safeguarding values of respect and unity in communal spaces.

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