In a harrowing story that has shocked the community, Jared Goody of Idaho recounts his ordeal of being poisoned and the person he holds responsible: his ex-wife, Courtney Goody. Jared’s journey through illness, confusion, and the discovery of his poisoning has led to a legal battle that has left many questioning the justice system. This article delves into the details of Jared’s account, the evidence presented in the legal proceedings, and the ongoing impact on the Goody family.

Courtney Goody Idaho Case: A Shocking Tale of Poisoning and Betrayal
Courtney Goody Idaho Case: A Shocking Tale of Poisoning and Betrayal – Courtesy Shelley Goody

Details In Short

  • Name: Jared Goody
  • Ex-Wife: Courtney Goody
  • Date of Illness: June 2020
  • Charges Filed: March 2021
  • Court Hearing: Change of plea and sentencing hearing scheduled for June 21

Additional Details:

  • The Bannock County Prosecutor’s Office sealed the case, preventing details from being made public.
  • Jared’s family provided sealed court documents, recordings, and text messages to
  • The Goody family sought testing from a forensic lab, which revealed high levels of toxic substances in Jared’s body.
  • Courtney allegedly admitted to adding liquid poison to Jared’s food and drink to keep him sick, according to an affidavit.
  • Chubbuck police executed search warrants and found cattle vaccinations containing selenium at Courtney’s parents’ home.
  • Jared’s mother and sisters also tested positive for some of the same poisons found in Jared’s test but are not listed as victims in court documents.
  • Jared has undergone treatment for selenium and thallium poisoning, including taking a CDC-controlled drug and weekly blood treatments.
  • Jared and Courtney are now divorced, and involved in a custody dispute and civil lawsuit.
  • Jared has temporary full custody of their three children while permanent custody is being determined.
  • Courtney’s court appearance for a change of plea and sentencing is scheduled for June 21.

Unexplained Symptoms and a Troubling Revelation

Jared’s nightmare began in June 2020 when he started experiencing a range of debilitating symptoms, including lung infections, lesions, migraines, and the loss of hair, skin, fingernails, and toenails. Initially, he believed these symptoms were related to COVID-19. However, as time went on, Jared and his family became increasingly suspicious that something more sinister was at play.

Despite numerous visits to doctors, Jared’s condition remained undiagnosed. It was only when Jared’s parents, Bryon and Shelley Goody, sought the help of a private lab that the truth began to emerge. The lab tests revealed alarming levels of selenium, rubidium, uranium, aluminum, manganese, and thallium in Jared’s body. The presence of these substances pointed to deliberate poisoning.

The Accusations and Legal Battle

Jared and his family approached the authorities with the lab results and began recording conversations with Courtney to gather evidence. These recordings, along with the toxicology reports, led to Courtney being charged with felony aggravated battery by poisoning in March 2021. However, the felony charge was later dismissed due to insufficient evidence. The Bannock County Prosecutor’s Office filed two misdemeanor charges of battery instead.

The decision to pursue misdemeanor charges instead of felony charges has left the Goody family frustrated and angry. They argue that Courtney’s actions should be treated as attempted murder rather than a lesser offense. The family feels that the potential penalties associated with the misdemeanor charges are inadequate given the severity of the situation.

Courtney Goody Idaho Case: A Shocking Tale of Poisoning and Betrayal
Courtney Goody Idaho Case: A Shocking Tale of Poisoning and Betrayal – Jared and Courtney Goody | Courtesy Jared Goody

Ongoing Impact and Custody Dispute

Jared’s health continues to suffer as a result of the poisoning. He undergoes blood treatments to remove heavy metals from his system, and the financial burden of his medical expenses adds to the already immense emotional strain.

Amidst the legal battle, Jared and Courtney are going through a divorce and a custody dispute. Temporary full custody of their three children has been awarded to Jared, but the final resolution is still pending. The safety and well-being of their children remain the top priority for Jared and his family.


The case of Courtney Goody and the alleged poisoning of Jared Goody has shaken the community and left many questioning the justice system’s handling of the situation. While Courtney awaits her day in court and a change of plea and sentencing hearing, Jared continues to grapple with the aftermath of the poisoning and the ongoing effects on his health.

The Goody family seeks justice and a resolution that adequately reflects the severity of the crimes alleged against Courtney. As the legal proceedings unfold, the community waits for answers and hopes that the truth will prevail.

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