Corey Stevenson, a dedicated Regional Manager at Schupan & Sons, Inc. in Toledo, Ohio, made a lasting impression on his colleagues and the business community. Known for his exceptional work ethic, leadership skills, and expertise in team building, Corey Stevenson’s untimely passing has left a void in the hearts of those who knew and worked with him. In this article, we will delve into Corey Stevenson’s professional journey, his notable achievements, and the profound impact he had on Schupan & Sons, Inc. Join us as we celebrate the life of Corey Stevenson and reflect on his remarkable contributions to the organization.

Early Life and Family Background

Corey Stevenson, hailing from Millbury, Ohio, grew up in a nurturing environment within a close-knit family. He shared a special bond with his stepbrother, Randy Orth, sister Jay Stevenson, and another family member, Jennifer Loosemore. The values of hard work, determination, and the importance of family were instilled in Corey during his formative years, shaping his character and professional outlook.

Corey Stevenson’s Professional Journey

2.1 Rising through the Ranks: From Office Manager to Regional Manager

Corey Stevenson’s journey at Schupan & Sons, Inc. commenced in August 2012 when he joined as an Office Manager. Demonstrating exceptional performance, Corey swiftly climbed the corporate ladder, earning a promotion to Plant Manager within a short period. His unwavering commitment and ability to drive results propelled him to his ultimate role as Regional Manager just one year later.

2.2 Streamlining Operations as an Office Manager

During his three-year tenure as an Office Manager, Corey Stevenson played a pivotal role in streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency. His strategic thinking and attention to detail contributed to the company’s growth and success during that period. Corey’s ability to manage teams and navigate complex challenges distinguished him as a natural leader within the organization.

2.3 Leadership as a Plant Manager

As a Plant Manager, Corey Stevenson showcased his exceptional leadership skills, guiding his team towards achieving outstanding results. He fostered a culture of collaboration, ensuring seamless coordination between different departments. Corey’s ability to inspire and motivate his colleagues led to increased productivity and overall operational excellence.

2.4 Ascending to Regional Manager

Corey’s dedication, exceptional performance, and outstanding leadership abilities led to his promotion to the coveted role of Regional Manager. In this position, he continued to make a significant impact, overseeing multiple plants and spearheading strategic initiatives to drive growth and profitability. Corey’s insights, vision, and ability to navigate challenges played a crucial role in shaping the success of Schupan & Sons, Inc.

The Legacy of Corey Stevenson

Corey Stevenson’s profound impact on Schupan & Sons, Inc. extends far beyond his professional accomplishments. His exemplary work ethic, unwavering commitment, and genuine care for his colleagues left an indelible mark on the organization’s culture. Corey’s ability to build cohesive and motivated teams fostered an environment of collaboration and excellence. His leadership style inspired those around him to strive for greatness, pushing boundaries and achieving remarkable results.

Remembering Corey Stevenson’s Work Ethic and Leadership

Corey Stevenson was known for his unparalleled work ethic, consistently going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. His dedication, attention to detail, and high standards of performance were admired by his colleagues. Corey’s leadership skills were evident in his ability to motivate and inspire his team members, cultivating an atmosphere of trust and productivity. He led by example, setting the bar high and encouraging others to follow suit. Corey Stevenson’s colleagues respected and admired his professionalism, integrity, and unwavering commitment to achieving goals.

Corey Stevenson: A Resilient Regional Manager and His Impact on Schupan & Sons, Inc.


Corey Stevenson’s untimely departure has left a significant void at Schupan & Sons, Inc., but his legacy will continue to inspire and guide future generations. Through his exceptional work ethic, leadership skills, and dedication to his colleagues, Corey Stevenson made an enduring impact on the organization’s success. His ability to build strong teams, streamline operations, and navigate challenges with resilience has left an indelible mark on Schupan & Sons, Inc. As we reflect on Corey Stevenson’s remarkable journey, let us remember his achievements and the lessons we can learn from his exemplary leadership. Corey Stevenson’s legacy will forever be cherished, and his contributions will continue to shape the future of the company he devoted himself to so passionately.

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