Conor McGregor In WWE. The possibility of former UFC Double Champion Conor McGregor joining WWE and feuding with Roman Reigns has sparked speculation and discussions among fans. Pro wrestling veteran Eric Bischoff recently shared his thoughts on the matter, expressing doubts about the feasibility of such a feud. In this article, we delve into Bischoff’s insights, exploring the reasons behind his skepticism.

We also examine the size disparity between McGregor and Reigns, Bischoff’s belief in the importance of wrestling skills, and WWE’s potential approach to attraction matches. Let’s explore the intriguing dynamics of a hypothetical McGregor-Reigns feud.

McGregor’s Teasers and Heyman’s Jabs

Conor McGregor’s potential involvement in WWE gained attention when he teased a move to the company, sharing a photoshopped image of himself with both the UFC and WWE Championships.

This sparked a feud with Roman Reigns’ manager, Paul Heyman, who took the opportunity to throw verbal jabs at McGregor.

The exchange between McGregor and Heyman set the stage for a potential clash in the wrestling world. However, Eric Bischoff raises doubts about the likelihood of such a feud coming to fruition.

Bischoff’s Perspective on McGregor in WWE

According to Eric Bischoff, the idea of Conor McGregor joining WWE is not far-fetched. Bischoff acknowledges McGregor’s potential crossover appeal and his ability to generate interest. However, when it comes to a feud with Roman Reigns, Bischoff finds it difficult to envision.

He highlights the significant size difference between the two athletes, which could make a match between them seem implausible to the audience. Bischoff emphasizes the importance of not only an acceptable match but also a great one.

This suggests that McGregor would need to develop his wrestling skills significantly to deliver a performance that the audience would find believable and engaging.

McGregor’s UFC Return and Reigns’ Championship Reign

While McGregor contemplates his future in WWE, he is also preparing for his long-awaited return to the UFC. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns is enjoying a dominant reign as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, approaching an impressive milestone of 1000 days with the title.

Reigns is set to team up with Solo Sikoa, a member of The Bloodline, to challenge Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. The clash is scheduled to take place at Night of Champions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on May 27.

As McGregor focuses on his UFC comeback and Reigns prepares for his next high-stakes match, the possibility of a future confrontation between them remains uncertain.

Comparing McGregor’s Potential to Other Crossover Stars

In the realm of crossover stars entering WWE, names like Bad Bunny and Logan Paul come to mind. Bad Bunny impressed fans with his performance at WWE Backlash, while Logan Paul had a highly publicized match against The Miz at Crown Jewel.

However, Eric Bischoff draws a distinction between these crossover stars and the potential McGregor-Reigns feud. He argues that the size disparity between McGregor and Reigns would strain credibility and detract from the audience’s engagement.

Bischoff questions whether WWE would sacrifice the integrity of Roman Reigns’ championship reign for a match that could be viewed as purely an attraction. The comparison to previous crossover events prompts reflection on the intricacies of storytelling and believability in professional wrestling.

The Importance of Wrestling Skills

Eric Bischoff emphasizes the significance of Conor McGregor developing his wrestling skills if a feud with Roman Reigns were to materialize. Bischoff suggests that a merely acceptable match would not be sufficient.

To captivate the audience, McGregor would need to showcase wrestling prowess that goes beyond expectations. By underlining the importance of in-ring abilities, Bischoff emphasizes the need for McGregor to invest time and effort into learning the craft of professional wrestling.

Such dedication would be essential in creating a captivating and believable encounter with Roman Reigns. Bischoff’s insights highlight the complex nature of blending combat sports with scripted entertainment, urging McGregor to master the art of wrestling to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Conor McGregor In WWE
Conor McGregor In WWE/


While the idea of Conor McGregor feuding with Roman Reigns in WWE may be an enticing concept for fans, pro wrestling veteran Eric Bischoff remains skeptical. Bischoff’s belief in the importance of believability, the size disparity between the two athletes, and the need for exceptional wrestling skills contribute to his doubts.

As McGregor prepares for his UFC return and Reigns continues his dominant championship reign, the possibility of their paths crossing in WWE remains uncertain. The hypothetical clash between the charismatic Irishman and the Tribal Chief presents intriguing storytelling potential but faces challenges in terms of credibility and audience engagement.

Only time will tell if McGregor’s journey leads him to a showdown with Reigns in the squared circle.

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