Can You Drink Water When Fasting For Different Tests, Blood Tests, Glucose Tests, and Cholesterol tests? There are some blood tests that require fasting for about 8-10 hrs, in which you are not allowed to eat or drink anything except water.

Can you drink water when fasting for a Blood Test?

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Here are some examples of Fasting Blood Tests:

• Pregnancy Glucose Tolerance Test
• Glucose Tolerance Test
• Lipid Profile Test
• Vitamin B12 Test
• Insulin
• Renal Function panel

When you eat or drink something before fasting blood tests, your blood and your lipid profile will undergo some changes which can lead to misinterpretation of your blood test results. This is the main reason you should fast for approximately 10-12 hrs based on the requirements of the test to get accurate results.

It’s a bit annoying and gives you a sense of hunger, but you have to fast if you want correct results!
At the same time, you are advised to drink plenty of water. Yes, you can drink plenty of water in small amounts before any blood test. It is important that you should not skip water before fasting blood test.

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Why You Should Have Plenty of Water before Test

• Water hydrates your veins.
• Water hydrates your body
• It makes the veins visible to draw blood easier.
• Tea without milk and sugar can be recommended under certain fasting blood tests.
• Do not squeeze lemon in water.
• Carbonated Beverages, flavored or otherwise should not be consumed.
• Even certain type of medications is also not advised by doctors.

Water is always recommended because it does not contain any calories or sugar contents.

Can you drink water when fasting for Glucose Test?

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When you are fasting for a blood glucose test, you cannot eat or drink anything except water for at least 8 hrs before the test. While some tests require fasting for even 12 hrs. So, it basically depends upon the type of blood glucose test that you will be undertaking.

Like, For a blood glucose test undertaken for diagnosing gestational diabetes during pregnancy, 8 hrs of fasting time is required in which you cannot eat or drink anything other than sips of water. And you cannot also eat during the test.
You will be asked to drink a liquid that contains glucose. You will have blood drawn before you drink the liquid, and again two more times every 60 minutes after you drink it.

Random Blood Sugar Test checks your blood glucose at any time during the day at any time regardless of eating.
Whereas, a sugary drink is consumed before blood is drawn under an oral glucose tolerance test.

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Conclusively, there are 4 main types of Glucose Tests:

• Fasting Glucose Tests
It includes Fasting Blood Sugar(FBS) and Fasting Plasma Sugar(FPS).
• Glucose Tolerance Test
• Postprandial Glucose Test
• Random Glucose Test

All the blood glucose tests mentioned above do not restrict you from drinking water. So, you should not hesitate to drink water before any blood test.

You can definitely drink water when fasting for a blood glucose test.

Can you drink water when fasting for Cholesterol Test?

Cholesterol Test is also called a lipid profile test. It can measure the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood.
It includes the calculation of four types of lipids (fats) in your blood:
• Total Cholesterol
• High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL)
• Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (LDL)
• Triglycerides

Always follow the instructions provided by your doctor. Some cholesterol tests do not even require fasting based upon the circumstances of the patient.

But, generally, these cholesterol tests require fasting, consuming no food or liquid other than water for approximately 8-10 hrs before the test.

Yes, you can also drink the water here! After all, it is also categorized under blood test. Think about the importance of water everywhere.


If you will not drink water, then how can your veins hydrate and will be visible to the phlebotomist or nurse? So, always drink plenty of water before any blood test.

Ideally, it is also advised to drink water just a moment before your blood is drawn. Rather, it is a well-known tip for drawing your blood easier and at the same time, less painful.

Always remember to stay calm during your blood draws. Drinking water helps you to stay calm and be patient during a blood draw. Well, you can also take a long breath and sit still.

We have provided you with many reasons for drinking water before the blood test. It not only helps you to hydrate your veins but at the same time, keeps you calm.

Whether it is a Blood Glucose Test or Cholesterol Test, just don’t remember WATER.
You should drink plenty of water in your NORMAL LIFE as well. It is very good for your skin and acts as a detoxifier.
CAUTION: Always seek Doctor’s Advice.

You should ask the phlebotomist or nurse if you have not to drink any water. Don’t let the staff find out the hard way!
REMEMBER: Do skip your meals, coffee, and other drinks, but DO NOT SKIP WATER at all.

Do not blame the fasting, if you have not drunk any water before the test.

In Short


Read the above article carefully for more information on why you should drink water when fasting for a blood test, or fasting for a glucose test, or fasting for a cholesterol test.

Whether your doctor asks you to fast for a glucose test or cholesterol test, remember they are all parts of a blood test. So, you can drink water before these tests whether they are fasting or not.
Do not smoke and drink Alcohol before any blood test.

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