Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoiler Manga. Baby Princess Through the Status Window is a manga story. It is the story of Sherbiran Erveldote. She is the princess of the empire Erbelotte, which is in the north of the mainland. It is a very interesting story in which the princess died before adulthood. She was executed. But what was the reason for her execution? After her death story begins again, but this time princess Sherbiran is 5 years old! Now in this rebirth, she can see the thoughts, mood, favorability, etc., in a status window or introspective translucent window. In that window, she can read the person’s thoughts and can know what that person thinking. She was executed by her father. But, why did she die that way? Here in this post, we will tell you the spoilers of Baby Princess Through the Status Window Manga.

Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoiler Manga
Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoiler Manga –

Characters in The Story, Baby Princess Through the Status Window Manga

Princess – Sherbiran Ervelote
Emperor – Aderan Ervelote
Empress – Shyavel Ervelote
Prince – Damian Erveldote
Owner of the tower – Karmen Kashelrof (Coming from the slum but with great mana affinity and skill.)

Baby Princess Through the Status Window Chapter 1 to 10 Spoiler Manga.

Execution of princess!

The execution of the Princess was done in front of her father(The emperor), prince, and empress. She was executed by her father! Yes, by her father. At the time of execution, her father bring out a magical stone and something happened in that place. So, did her father actually kill her or he did do something to her?

Status Window

In her previous life as a princess, she was hated by the people. But, now she is able to see the person’s status window. Princess will use that status window so that she can avoid being hated. With that status window, she can easily identify the mood of a person and know what that person thinks about her.

Punishment for maids

There were some maids to take care of the princess. Most of them were disrespectful to her. They don’t even take care of her properly and the main of them was Sara. The emperor knew that the maids are not taking care of the princess properly. So, he decided to punish them. He ordered to lock of all the servants in an underground prison. But there was only one maid who actually care about the princess, she was Ellie. Princess requested his father to not punish Ellie. Emperor makes her princess’ new head servant.

Thought of empress for the princess

In her previous life, the princess used to follow the empress the most. Empress was a great person for her. But in this life when she was able to read the thoughts in the status window she get to know that the empress didn’t like her at all. The servant Sara was assigned by the empress for the princess. Because of the empress, the servant Sara was careless of the princess.

The food waste incident at the imperial palace

In the past life, there was an incident that happened. It was the food waste incident. In the past life, the carriage passing through the slums fell over. The trash bag inside the carriage fell on the ground. Because of that, the trash bag was torn. Lots of food fell on the ground. The food was very good and anyone can eat it but why that food was in a trash bag? Is it a waste? At that time the people of the slums were going through a shortage of food. That incident makes them angry. Someone spread the rumor that the food was from the princess’s palace. It was planned to harm the image of a princess in the people and the emperor’s eyes.

Princess saved Ellie’s sister

In the previous life of the princess, Ellie’s sister died because of child fever. They didn’t know how to cure her. Ellie’s sister was a child and she was suffering from ‘child fever’. After her sister’s death, its cure was discovered and that was the ‘kasha flower’. The heat effect of the kasha flower was minimal for adults but it has a special effect on the child’s fever. In this life, the princess knew about it and in this life, she will cure and save Ellie’s sister with the help of the kasha flower.

The magic lesson

When the baby princess was in the garden of the tower she meet Karmen. They had a great conversation. There Karmen found that the smell of mana is very strong from the baby princess. He told her that her mana smell is very thick and she has a high level of mana affinity. It means that she can learn magic and can become great. Karmen offers baby princess magic lessons and she agreed to learn that.

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Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoilers From Chapters 11 to 20

Who was behind the food waste event?

We know that there was a food waste event in the previous life of the princess. But in this life, the baby princess wanted to find out who was behind it. From Karmen, she knew that all the food waste was handled at the south gate. The next day the baby princess requested Ellie to take her to the south gate for a walk. There the emperor came to see her. Princess requested his father to take her to the south gate. There they found a chariot.

On that chariot, they found a garbage bag full of food of good quality. The emperor was shocked to see that. They caught the man who was in charge of that place. In the investigation, they found that there was a princess flag. The emperor thought that the food was waste from the princess’s palace. In further investigation, they found that it was not from the princess’s palace because there was no proper budget for the princess’s food. The whole thing was done by Emperess. The empress was not her actual mother. The mother of the princess died.

Did the princess use black magic in her previous life?

In her previous life princess was accused of doing black magic. One day she was criticized for gaining weight. Because of that all day long, she only drank red tea. Suddenly troops arrived and searched her room. After searching the princess’s palace they found some stuff used in black magic. Was this also caused by the Queen?

Baby princess saved the west Garambel empire from leprosy.

Parim medicinal herbs were sent to the Garambel kingdom. Parim medicinal herbs are used to cure leprosy. But on the way to transfer parim the people were attacked. And in that attack, all the herbs were burnt. Because of that parim didn’t reach the Garambel kingdom. In that situation, the emperor should send parim again but due to the winter storm, he was not willing to send that herb. Princess knew that if Garambel will not receive parim then the laprosy will spread all over the west. And the whole west will be finished. Baby princess dared to tell her father that to send parim to Garambel kingdom. She told him to always keep his promise. Because of that Emperor tagged to send parim again. That decision saved the Garambel kingdom.

Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoilers From Chapters 21 to 30

The cruel act of magician Antonio

Antonio was a magician and a member of the magical tower. One day when the baby princess was going towards the library with the maid, She got a panic attack and fainted to see magician Antonio. Seeing that everyone thought that magician Antonio had done something to the baby princess. Then he was caught and interrogated. In the investigation, they found that magician Antonio sells children from slums for slavery.

Thief in the place

It was the time of the 6th birthday party of the baby princess. At the birthday party, baby princess observed that there was a thief at that party. From the memory of her previous life, she knew that the thief was in the palace to take precious things from the treasure. So to catch him, the princess told her maid to take him out of the party. She directed Ellie toward the treasure room. There they found the thief. The thief was trying to kidnap the baby princess but she was saved by the princess’s escort. In this way, the princess managed to catch the thief and save the treasure.

The thief had many magical things with him. But the thief was found dead in the prison. He was poisoned. He twisted his body and died.

Who was behind the treasure robbery?

It was the empress behind that robbery. When the princess went to the imperial treasure room she observed something. Sepinel pattern on the candlestick in the vault. The thief was thinking about the secret passage, that thought was read by the princess when he was in front of her through the status window.

Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoiler Manga
Baby Princess Through the Status Window Spoiler Manga –

When the emperor, the empress, and the baby princess come back from a spring picnic, princess read the thought of the empress. The empress was worried about the secret passage. The same passage was thought by the thief. So that secret passage from the vault leads to the Millenium garden.

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