What Is A Meme New Trend Of Internet

If you are an avid internet user and regular on social media, then definitely you should have came across with Meme. Some might have tickled your bone, other might have taunted sarcastically. Some might have portrayed the harsh reality of life in a funny way, and then others might have provided you an escaped. Few might have reflected your personality, while others might have irritated you. No matter what the meme is about, it grabbed our attention for a while. Isn’t true?

So, what exactly a Meme is
As per the definition listed in Oxford dictionary, a Meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., basically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. Generally speaking, Meme is an image with humorous caption with an intention to spread a smile on your face. Still, at times, it could be heavier and more philosophical as well. Furthermore, meme perform as an entity for haulage cultural concepts, symbols, or practices which could be convey from one mind to other by means of wide-ranges ways such as writing, speech, gestures, rituals etc. As per few supports of this concept, meme considered as cultural analogues to genes.

Additionally, it comes in the form of hyperlinks, videos, website or hash tag; in the era of digitization, internet has become the essential source of circulation of Meme. Look at the other expect of Meme.

Meme could be describes as a fundamental unit of cultural idea or symbol which could be transmitted from one mind to another, and if we look closely, meme are omnipresent. It has become an integral part of our lives. Let me explain it with an example: catchphrases and clichés time and again hand round the intent decode non-literal, cultural ideas, while similes and metaphors hint at what words portray. All those are categorizing as meme.Memes that duplicate the majority enjoy more accomplishment.

A meme could be easily connected with a cold or a flu virus, it multiples from one person to another with a supersonic speed but communicate an idea which left its impression on its audience You didn’t realize earlier that meme which you received yesterday on your social media profile and made you smile for a while, holds plethora of meaning and significance. Did you?

Meme-if you get a job

Meme-can’t get fired

Understand Meme- Pronunciation and Category.

Meme pronounced as MEEM. If you also pronounced it wrong than don’t lose your heart. You are not the only one. Millions of people pronounce it wrong as it doesn’t sounds the way it denotes. The word falls in the category “Neologism”. Now let me explain you what Neologism is. It could be defined as a relatively recent or isolated term, word, or phrase that you use commonly but does not holds a place into mainstream language. Linguistically it is not accepted yet. Meme is an amalgamation of mimeme, which is of ancient Greek origin and literally holds a meaning “imitated things”.

Few words about its origin

To know about the history and origin of Meme, we need to turn the pages of history. In the early 1900s an American photographer named Harry Whittier Frees, shaped the initial idea of a meme when he dressed up his cats and positioned an endearing adage underside the image and later used it as a greeting card. But the concept was undercover till 1970.Furthermore, the credit to invent the term “Meme” goes to “Richard Dawkins”.

When in 1976, in his book “The Selfish Gene” he tried to enlighten the means culture multiplies and ends with- It’ll probably never end. As per Dawkins, the meme epitomize an added self-replicating unit which has all the possible capability to explain Human behavior and Cultural Revolution.

Even though, Dawkins wears the badge of the creator of the term ‘meme’ and developed meme theory, there are possibilities that ideas were subject matter to the same pressures of evolution along with biological attributes in Darwin’s time. With this, we could easily say that Meme is as old as human are.
Hmm!! Now I understand why we connect with Meme at one go.

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The term was used by Dawkins in term to refer to any cultural entity which in opinion of an observer is a replicator. He conjectures that there are numerous aspects to consider cultural entities as replicator including melodies, fashion trend, movies, a particular trait and so on. Efficient copiers of information and behavior are the efficient means to replicate: thus, considered as generally way for human exposure of memes.

Owing to the fact that, humans do not always copy memes flawlessly, and because they could get modified as per the personality of replicator, get merged with other to create new memes, they have tendency to change time-to time as per the trend, cultural and place. To explain efficiently, Dawkins tried to elucidate the survival and transformation of meme through the evolution of culture to the natural selection of genes

Meme and Internet
Presently, as internet serves as the vital form for meme’s circulation, we address meme chiefly as “Internet Meme”. Mike Godwin is the man behind this concept of Internet Meme. In June 1993’s edition of “Wired”, he first came up with concept of Meme. Later, in 2013 Dawkins defined an internet meme is the productivity of human creative mind as we all know how capable human mind is. Afterwards, Dawkins put in plain words that Internet memes are thus a “commandeering of the original idea”, the incredible idea of a meme having transformed and progress in this new direction.

Auxiliary, Internet memes carry a supplementary property that regular memes do no and it is “Internet memes leave its traces in the channel through which they circulate such as social networks.

Now internet meme has completely taken over the world of social media and counted as one of the most crucial technique for transmission of meme. To sum up, we could easily say that, as long as internet exists, meme do exists.

Currently, although an Internet meme is often associated with picture with taglines demonstrating whole ranges of emotions such as funny, sarcastic, sad, ironies and so on. More importantly, the particulars of a meme depend on what the audiences find appropriate to put across an idea, in spite of how unadorned or senseless it may be.


Why we need Meme?
Till now I guess you must have understand what all meme is about. The next question is why we need meme? So, here is the answer.
Imagine this- Everyday you got up for work, leaves to office, do same work and come back to home. Honestly, you get bored at times. Then suddenly one beep is there on your phone…
You received a message from your friend that has a meme

And for a moment you realize that it is about. You could relate to this at the very moment.
This is the power of meme.
We at times get bored to death from our monotonous life so we need a jerk, a jerk of entertainment and meme does provide you this. It comes as a breather in our uninterested and jaded routine..

Significance of Meme
Meme not only serves as a mean of entertainment. Infect, it represent whole set of emotions and cultural aspect. Some meme are cute, some made you laugh, some raised social issues, some taunted on orthodox culture, some raised a question in your mind some represented taboos in humorous way, some denoted materialistic wants, some throw light on the burning issues in the society which we tend to ignore and list goes on like this. Have a look of this meme:

This meme directly taunts the exiting hunger for likes and comments over social media. People post weird, strange, emotional, funny, and undesirable stuffs on social media just to have a “Like”. This viral trend is not in favor of humanity. Memes are capable enough to shape our society. It has all the powers to give society a new culture to live through, or a new way to experience culture.

The wide-ranged meme starting from funny or sarcastic memes to serious memes, they all used to give out of ordinary view points on subjects that are not easy to digest at one go. Additionally, Memes helps in connecting masses by means of humor and allow them to share their viewpoint; in this way it connects like-minded people through humor and shared point of views. Furthermore, they can even be used to publicize major events such as protests, corruptions and spread awareness.

Some popular meme characters
Though meme acquires a whole world of characters and phrases to express, still few are phenomenal and have been accepted by the masses with much adoration and applaud. Few are mentioned below:
The Bitch please face-

The Troll face-


Good Guy Greg-

Sleepy Guy-

Annoying Facebook Girl-

The list doesn’t end here.

Last few Words in praise of meme

Meme does play a crucial role in our lives as it caters many needs of us. Plus, with its social and cultural impact it has shown its importance. With all the power to influence our lives as well the society, meme has sway away our hearts. Love your Meme!!!


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