How to Make Fool Friends Best Pranks

How to Make Fool Friends Best Pranks

How to Make Fool Friends Best Pranks

1.Message your friend saying “Hai buddy…Hoping this will not change anything for us. I want to share something important with you. Not urgent but very important. Call me after reading this” when he calls back to wish him/her Happy April fool”

2. Fill your friend perfume bottle with ink and place it as usual and see the magic on his shirt and ask him to write April fool on his shirt as a sweet memory.

3.Take a fevistick and cut the glue stick into small pieces then put the pieces in microwave for 3 minutes. Keep that liquid glue aside and take a deodorant stick and remove the deo stick and fill the empty stick with liquid glue that you have put aside and frozen for 1 hour.

Put it back as it is. See your friend feeling sticky and annoyed after applying the do stick. And scream “Prank”

4. Plan shopping with your friend. Before leaving drop a magnetic security tag in your friends’ bag and now go shopping and after shopping was done leave the mall beforehand. Now see the fun. Make sure that magnetic security tag is tested before dropping.

5. Make a paper into small and tiny pieces and keep it in a bowl. Try to reach out the ceiling fan and arrange all the tiny pieces of paper on the fan and now watch the fun when a person switch on the fan and scream April fool and

6. Take a transparent plastic glass and cut into small pieces and put together all the pieces on a table and place your friends phone inverted beside glass pieces. Scream as if the phone was broken…and now watch your friend reaction…

7. Take a white tape and wrap with tissue paper for 2 folds and place in the washroom instead of tissue and now listen your friend screaming from the washroom.

8. Take a thick cardboard and cut it into a cube and apply peanut butter on all the sides and place it on a plate and offer to people and see people annoyed after eating.

9. If you wanna play the prank on children take their pencil and apply transparent nail polish and place in their bag and now see the innocent child getting weird.

10. Take an empty phone box and place chocolate instead of phone and pack it as it has been delivered by an online store and ask your friend to deliver at home to your siblings. And now wish them Happy April fool.

11. If your term exams have recently completed put your social media status as ” results are out ”

12. Invite your friends to your home for a drink. Place paper glasses on a table and paste 3 glasses together and fill the glasses with drink and ask your friends to pick a glass.

13. Download a picture from Google which will look like a broken screen. And make this picture as a screen saver and give the phone to your friend.

14. Take an Ice Cream cone and stuff with margarine and offer it a friend.

15. Drop some Fevicol on the floor and stick currency note on the floor and watch the people annoying by trying to pick it

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