How to get Pregnant Fast

Pregnancy, the most joyous, scintillating, and adventurous time for the woman and a very stressful time for everyone related to her motherhood. But that doesn’t go to say there aren’t times when the pregnant woman doesn’t feel like submitting her resignation to the anxious, scary, and borderline dangerous task of becoming a full-time mother to new life. No matter how much men and women may run away from the herculean task of parenting, every single human on Earth nurtures a very deep desire in their hearts to make use of the inherent power of mothering or fathering a child. Get pregnant fast.

Contrary to popular belief, Pregnancy is quite hard to achieve but a few lucky people are granted this opportunity even though they do not want it. But strangely, even the best plans to become pregnant fail to come to fruition for some couples due to various factors. If you are among these group of people, you will need all the advice and information available about the most effective methods to become pregnant as fast as possible. But the truth remains that we don’t have complete control over conception. Nevertheless, if you or your partner is suffering from infertility or not, you will find numerous solutions, advice, tips, and strategies both Online and Offline that claim to magically make a woman pregnant.

The most common phenomenon that occurs is that couples spend years avoiding pregnancy and when the time finally arrives, they get influenced by outside influences who try to scare them about infertility. This creates a panic attack thus triggering couples to want to get pregnant as soon as possible. But it’s important to understand that Conception is a very delicate phenomenon requiring both the mother and the father to take all efforts necessary to make it possible; mentally, physically, and emotionally. But thanks to the advancements in medical science and technology, many practical and easy solutions are available to aid couples hoping to conceive in the shortest time possible.

There is a lot of ancient wisdom passed on among women and midwives along with scientific information and data that will be most useful for a woman trying to conceive in the 21st century. The only effort, patience, and dedication on the part of both parents will bear fruit. And of course, it’s important to not be disheartened but to keep trying without paying heed to any negative comments. Pregnancy is a very private affair reserved majorly to the mother and father and its best to not heed the unwarranted advice.

When it comes to Pregnancy, the two main pillars for ensuring it occurs as soon as possible include meticulous planning and conducting the best environment to make it happen. Women need to ensure that they’re consuming only healthy food and are away from all diseases and ailments. When a healthy environment persists, Pregnancy automatically occurs. The most important aspect when it comes to Pregnancy and Conception is Fertility Levels. Once any obstacles to fertility are removed, the possibility of becoming pregnant steadily increases. Below are 10 methods to improve fertility and to increase the chances of becoming pregnant fast:

1. Get rid of all Birth Control beforehand:

Get rid of all Birth Control

A long time before you start planning a pregnancy, stop all birth control by consulting your Doctor. It’s important to throw out anything in your system that may prevent pregnancy. It’s become common practice to consume birth control pills for women who have an active sexual life. So, if you’ve been taking pills for a very long time, stop taking them or any other form of birth control hormonal injections months before you begin pregnancy planning. When your body is accustomed to birth control pills for a very long time, it will take some time for it to get back to normal and start ovulating normally.

Birth Control Pills are very popular among women and come in different varieties to prevent fertilizing of an egg in the womb. Sometimes, women who drop Birth Control get pregnant fast and in some cases, it takes some time for the Ovulation cycle to get back on track. The rate of pregnancy for women who have been accustomed to any form of birth control depends on the type, duration, and frequency of taking these pills or injections. However, caution must be exercised in this regard since suddenly stopping birth Control may not result in Pregnancy, on the contrary, may cause adverse health effects.

Birth Control is recommended to stop at least 1 month prior to conception but the earlier it is stopped; the more likely Pregnancy is. For some women, Ovulation takes months to get back to normal and for others, it happens immediately. If you’re planning to stop Birth Control, it’s better to be prepared for sudden Pregnancy. A Gynecologist or Obstetrician will give you the correct advice regarding this. Before stopping Birth Control your Ob/Gyn will check health conditions to see if stopping birth control may adversely affect your health. Oral Contraceptives contain synthetic hormones which gradually leave the body when their intake is stopped. When the body is completely rid of them, there is a possibility for conception.

When you stop birth control, spotting and bleeding are commonly observed. This phenomenon called ‘withdrawal bleeding’ occurs due to your body being confused when the synthetic hormones are no longer present. It’s important to not panic and to take all precautionary measures to ensure perfect health. The most dangerous thing you can do to yourself is to rely on information shared on the web without taking an appointment with a reputed Gynaecologist. Remember, your Doctor’s word comes first before anybody else’s. Usually, Oral Birth Control Pills do not affect the fertility of an individual, contrary to popular belief. With time, you may observe your body slowly going back to its old cycle of either regular or irregular periods that you had before going on the pill.

2. Determining Ovulation to get pregnant fast:

get pregnant fast
Determining Ovulation to get pregnant fast-

The most fundamental information all women should be aware of, not just when they’re trying to get pregnant fast is the duration of their menstrual cycle and associated patterns. This crucial information will be very helpful for creating a proper pregnancy plan. Ovulation, the period when an egg is most likely to be released from the Ovary is the time during which your fertility levels are its peak. Although it’s not strictly true that having intercourse at any other time other than ovulation will not make you pregnant, intercourse, especially during Ovulation, is highly recommended.
There are many different methods for finding out your Ovulation date and cycle.

You can either manually determine when you will Ovulate by consistently keeping track of your period or you can use an Ovulation Calculator which will give you an accurate date if you input the details. Your Ovulation date will help you to increase the chances of becoming pregnant by telling you when the time is right to have intercourse. Ovulation is not fixed for every woman and may vary depending on several factors. Apart from tracking your cycle, other methods like monitoring basal temperature and basal mucus also help determine Ovulation.

The information required for manually calculating your Ovulation Date include the first day of your last period and average days in your menstrual cycle. All of this can be obtained by keeping track of your menstrual cycle over the course of a few months. Generally, Women ovulate 14 days before the onset of their menstrual cycle. You can also observe if the discharge is moist and coagulated since this occurs only on the day of Ovulation. For women whose menstrual cycles are not fixed and keep changing every month, it’s quite hard to predict the Ovulation Date. Ovulation works both ways since it can also be used to avoid pregnancy.

At first, it can seem difficult to track and calculate your cycle, but with time you will get enough insight to accurately obtain your Ovulation date. Calculation of Ovulation Date by determining Basal Body Temperature involves taking your basal temperature and observing spikes during your Ovulation period. If Manual Calculation seems like a lot of work, you can always rely on Online Ovulation calculators. Ovulation Kits are also available for this purpose. Not all these tests are reliable, of course.

A rough estimate of Ovulation period will also suffice. The main symptoms of Ovulation for all women include Basal Temperature Rise between ½ and 1 degree, increase in LH as measured by an Ovulation kit, change in the appearance of cervical mucus, Bloating, Breast Tenderness, and occasionally, spotting, and light cramps. These symptoms can be collectively observed to arrive at the conclusion that you are currently Ovulating.

3. Distress Yourself to get pregnant fast:

get pregnant fast
Distress Yourself to get pregnant

As mentioned earlier, Pregnancy occurs only when the right kind of environment is created. Stress has no place for women trying to get pregnant fast and pregnancy cannot occur when you’re suffering from high-stress levels. The most common kind of stress couples face is the pressure of conceiving as soon as possible. Other related stress includes Financial Worries, Career and Professional Stress, stress related to home and family, etc.

Even if you’re very healthy and eating the right foods, stress can greatly reduce your chances of becoming pregnant since the stress enzyme interferes with the natural biological process of fertilization apart from causing other problems as well.

Take a deep breath regularly and remind yourself to consciously let go of any stress or worry. And, of course, feel 0 guilt for doing this since guilt is a stress in itself. The biggest pregnancy care a woman needs is rest and relaxation and this is true even when trying to conceive. Surround yourself with nature, get rid of any stressful work or relationships. And definitely stay away from environmental pollution as much as you can. If you’re already a mother, it can be hard to calm down, but you can try and reduce your burden. Women often find it hard to take a break from stress and worry and only a conscious effort bear fruit.

If you are unable to de-stress on your own, pick any light exercise to take your mind off things. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that instill positivity and alleviates any aches and pains resulting from stress. For women trying to conceive, any moderate exercise will be most beneficial for increasing your chance of becoming pregnant soon. Seek the help of an expert if you don’t know the best-suited exercise for women trying to conceive. The goal is to kill stress without over-exerting your body which can be counter-productive. The notion that pregnancy happens of its own accord among all the unhealthy habits of modern-day living is very wrong. Healthy measures go a long way in helping your body enter motherhood.

The next important solution for de-stressing is loads of quality sleep. 8 hours of sleep every day is mandatory for all people, irrespective of if they’re trying to conceive or not. It is an established fact that more sleep lessens stress. But due to fast lifestyles, less importance is given to quality, uninterrupted sleep every day. If you’re a woman trying to become pregnant, sleep should be the top-most priority on your list of steps to aid conception. Refuse to compromise on 8 hours of sleep every day regardless of any and all factors that demand your attention. But it’s always a nice thing to get a few extra 1 or 2 hours of sleep.

4. Preconception Counselling to get pregnant fast:

get pregnant fast
Preconception Counselling to get pregnant

Preconception Counselling is a very useful thing to do, especially if you have no clue about Pregnancy and Motherhood. A reputed Ob/Gyn will guide you on the right track and will serve as a genuine, reliable source of information. Preconception Counselling is a very smart thing to do, especially since there is a lot of unwarranted and harmful “advise and information” constantly circulating on the Internet as well as outside regarding Pregnancy and Conception. If you feel like you and your partner are ready to become parents, the first and best thing to do is to take an appointment with a good doctor.

During the Preconception Counselling, your Doctor will evaluate whether both parents are physically at their highest to become parents and find any hidden ailments and medical conditions that may be a cause for preventing conception. Your family medical history will also be checked for any illnesses that may crop up in the future. You will also be advised on the best healthcare practices to foster conception. Gynecological exams, tests, and vaccinations will be done if needed and prenatal vitamins and medicines will be prescribed. Thus, a preconception counseling session is highly beneficial for both parents to work together as one unit to make Pregnancy possible.

Although Preconception Counselling is not mandatory for all women trying to conceive, it’s helpful in eliminating any risk or complications that may arise during pregnancy. It is also a time when a woman can prepare her body. But not everyone has the time or resources to attend preconception counseling because everyone is busy with career and family and mostly because a majority of the pregnancies are unplanned. If you are a newly married couple, be determined to plan pregnancy well in advance and attend preconception counseling so that when the time comes you and your partner are not overwhelmed with the responsibilities of parenthood.

A thorough physical exam will be conducted if everything is in order and the Doctor will check your Heart health, Lungs, Breasts, Thyroid levels, and Pelvic examination will be conducted to rule out problems with any. Important lab tests for Pregnancy include Rubella, Hepatitis, HIV, and Syphilis. You will also be advised regarding checking Ovulation and you need not rely on other tests and calculations when you get the best medical advice from your Doctor. Genetic Counselling also forms an important part of Preconception Counselling since it helps you trace any familial defects and disorders that may be passed on to your child.

With all this information and motivation available, Preconception Counselling grants you a thorough mindset to give up unhealthy lifestyles and prepare yourself to become a mother. Preconception Counselling brings down unplanned pregnancies and is highly beneficial for prospective young parents.

5. Timed Intercourse to get pregnant fast:

get pregnant fast
Timed Intercourse to get pregnant fast

Apart from everything else, if you don’t perform the main task well, there’s no use exerting all your effort into conceiving. Conception is not possible without wholesome sex and if you’re especially trying to get pregnant fast, it’s imperative that intercourse occurs during the right time i.e., Ovulation. From all the information you’ve gathered through an Ovulation calculation test or by going for preconception counseling, you and your partner should be completely ready to exert all your effort into making pregnancy happen.

Although the day of Ovulation is when you should have sex, intercourse during the entire fertile period increases your chances of getting pregnant in the earliest.
Don’t have sex just for the sake of it. Intercourse and Conception are very delicate processes that demand the complete presence of your body, mind, and soul. Be fully dedicated to each and create an ambiance of love for motivation. Don’t rely on artificial enhancers or lubricants that may kill sperm before they can get to fertilizing. Don’t waste time in learning unique positions that claim to make you pregnant faster. Instead, just have some high-quality, romantic sex with loads of love involved and do it when the woman is fertile.

Having too much of sex is also detrimental since it kills passion and lowers the man’s sperm count. Excess sex causes a burnout and reduces the potency of a man. Time intercourse with the guidance of your Doctor to get results. But most couples have less sex and do every other thing to become pregnant. Although Ovulation is the peak fertility period for a woman, it is neither wrong and in fact, good to have sex throughout the month as long as you don’t exceed the limits of your body. Also save some energy for the Ovulation period, because this is when you will need it the most.

Having sex at least three times a week is recommended for any healthy couple. If you can’t invest so much of time, then make time. Cut back on unnecessary chores and reduce effort on other things to put into sex, if you want to get pregnant fast. There is a common misconception that sex does not require effort. This is false and young couples need to get out of this mindset to build a healthy relationship and to welcome a new life into it.

Ovulation is the peak and as it approaches, the fertile window opens up. This is the right time to have sex up to the peak. After Ovulation the probability of getting pregnant steadily drops and you are not required to have sex every day. Grab this window of opportunity and make conception happen.

6. Reduce Caffeine Intake to get pregnant fast:

get pregnant fast
Reduce Caffeine Intake to get pregnant

Caffeine addiction is detrimental to health in more than a few days. For women trying hard to get pregnant fast, Caffeine should be reduced as much as possible. Of course, you don’t have to completely stop drinking coffee. Having one cup per day will not do much harm but too much of caffeine affects fertility. In fact, pregnant women should steer clear of coffee since it is known to cause early miscarriages. Even the prospective father should reduce caffeine as much as possible so that there is no risk of reduced fertility while trying to get pregnant fast.

Some studies have found a link between caffeine intake and reduced fertility. It’s important to realize that caffeine is present a variety of foods these days including Tea, Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, Chocolate, Ice Cream, etc. It’s essential to be aware of these foods and avoid them on the road to pregnancy. While reducing caffeine intake, don’t suddenly deprive your body of it since you will experience withdrawal symptoms because your body is accustomed to the regular boost. Instead, reduce little by little until you are no longer latched to multiple cups per day. You can also try replacing your cup of coffee with some other drink like milk or fruit juice.

Caffeine reduces sleep and increases heart rate. Excess of it causes you to feel anxious. Women trying to get pregnant fast must be in perfect health and anxiety will prevent conception. Caffeine also reduces the absorption of Vitamin D which is necessary for conceiving women. Too much of caffeine also disrupts sleep and like we’ve already seen, sleep is necessary for women trying to get pregnant fast. Thus, in every way, Caffeine is not recommended when you’re trying to get pregnant fast. The first few weeks of pregnancy are very sensitive since you’re most susceptible to miscarriage during this time. Also, pregnancy does not announce itself during this period thus there is a chance that you may splurge on coffee and suffer a miscarriage.

It is reported that women who consume large amounts of caffeine per day have a lower success rate in alternative conception procedures including IVF. Although there is no exact recommended dosage of caffeine, it’s safe to limit your consumption to 200 mg per day. Other problems caused by Caffeine include reduced absorption of Iron, Dehydration, etc.

Due to the lack of energy and vitality owing to stressful living, a majority of the people are addicted to caffeine since it provides a temporary energy boost. But this bad habit has sapped good health further. Caffeine is treated as a drug and we’re unconsciously consuming a lot of it. The truth is that we do not need coffee to receive energy boost, it can be obtained by other healthy methods.

7. Fertility Supplements to get pregnant fast:

Fertility Supplements

Fertility Supplements are meant to boost your fertility levels so that your chances of getting pregnant are increased manifold. But Fertility Supplements should not be consumed without consulting a good doctor and only if absolutely essential. A very popular and commonly known Fertility Supplement or medication is Clomid which stimulates Ovulation to occur.

Fertility Supplements help women struggling with getting pregnant achieve conception faster. But before you jump into them, it’s important to rule out any side effects or conflicts with other medicines. Self-Medication without the prescription from a Doctor is a risky affair and should be avoided at all costs.

Nutritional Supplements are designed to balance the hormonal level in blood thus improving health and increasing the chances of getting pregnant. Fertility Supplements include Vitamins and Minerals in the prescribed quantities to enhance fertility and achieve successful conception. Important Fertility Supplements include Folic Acid, Zinc, Selenium, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, among others.

Fertility Supplements may be prescribed to you during your Preconception Counselling sessions. They are very useful since they help fulfill nutritional deficiencies. Thanks to the advancement in medical science, you no longer have to rely solely on food for boosting fertility.

Fertility Supplements are available for both men and women. In women, it improves menstrual cycle and creates hormonal balance. For men, sperm production is enhanced and improved in vigor and vitality is achieved. There are many products available for fertility enhancement and nutritional supplement but self-prescription is not recommended. Some products detoxify the body by cleansing overproduction of hormones while others improve sperm and egg health. There are also multivitamin pills available to promote and support estrogenic levels. Obtain a high-quality product with the guidance of a medical professional to avoid adverse effects. Special Creams and Oils, Wellness Kits, and nutrition pills are available specially made to aid conception.

Iron, Vitamins B6 and B12, Magnesium, and Zinc are some of the essential nutrients that Fertility Supplements seek to replenish in the body. If both parents consume these supplements, faster conception may be possible. But these supplements are not mandatory and in some cases, may disrupt the delicate balance of your body. There are cases where a regular menstrual cycle and ovulation is disrupted due to these supplements. Most of the products are a combination of synthetic hormones and natural ingredients like herbs. Not all of them react in a positive way for everybody.

Not everyone requires them. Make sure that you have a genuine reason for consuming fertility supplements and thoroughly research the prescribed product by checking reviews, ingredient list, etc. Of course, there are some standard supplements that all doctors will definitely prescribe. These are mandatory for ensuring good health of the fetus.

8. Detoxify to get pregnant fast:

get pregnant fast

Since Pregnancy and Conception are a very delicate process, apart from good health and nutrition, it is also required that the body of the woman is devoid of any toxins culminating from unhealthy habits such as Smoking, Alcohol, Recreation Drugs, etc. All three are notorious for attacking the fertility rate of both men and women apart from causing a host of other diseases. If you have any of these habits, mentally prepare yourself in advance to steer clear of them at least a few months before you are expecting to conceive. Begin the Detoxification process early on to avoid struggle.

When a woman is always indulged in these activities the toxins are constantly flowing through the bloodstream and are received by the fetus when she becomes pregnant. They are immensely harmful to the baby and may cause numerous birth defects. Thus, to keep your child safe refrain from drinking or smoking well in advance. When you stop these habits, your body automatically detects the toxins as foreign bodies and begins the detoxification process to throw them out and restore health. There are many ways in which you can assist your body to intensify the detoxification. When you are finally rid of them, an improved environment is created for conception.

Smoking renders eggs in the Ovary unusable and tends to bring down the number of years a woman is fertile. Natural Conception is delayed and becomes more difficult for women who smoke. For a regular smoker, the chances of conceiving and giving birth to an underweight baby are high. Smoking adversely affects the eggs, causing chromosomal abnormalities in them. The same goes for men. Low sperm count and sperm with damaged DNA occur due to smoking and reduce the chance of get pregnant fast. If both parents are regular smokers, a cessation plan must be made before trying to conceive. This plan involves gradually reducing the number of times you smoke per day until the count becomes 0.

Alcohol also has an adverse effect on fertility with levels steadily dropping with the increase in the percentage of alcohol in the body. But light drinking is not known to cause any serious effects towards conception. It’s important to be cautious of alcohol and to have very minimal on rare occasions if you’re trying to conceive. Each individual has a unique response and tolerance level for alcohol.

Find yours and vow to never go anywhere close to that limit. Alcohol during pregnancy is a strict no-no and alcohol abuse seriously harms a woman’s reproductive system, altering menstrual cycle and stopping ovulation. It’s best not to risk your chance of get pregnant fast by consuming alcohol if you’re taking immense efforts to achieve conception.

9. Manage your Weight to get pregnant fast:

get pregnant fast
Manage your Weight to get pregnant

Your Weight is the key to your health. Each person has their own individual body type and a suitable weight. Determine your body type and recommended weight by consulting a Dietitian/Nutritionist and try to achieve it. Often, we overlook the needs of our body by not consuming the nutrients most required for good health. When trying to conceive, the perfectly healthy weight must be obtained so that you can rest assured that you’re in perfect health to foster new life. If you’re obese, lose the excess weight and if you’re underweight, include those foods in your diet plan which will replenish deficiencies in your body and ensure your return to a healthy weight.

Overweight and Obese women suffer from hormonal imbalances which will interfere with their menstrual cycle and create obstacles for conception. Some overweight women also suffer from Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is also another hormone problem affecting reproduction. Not only does obesity hinder natural conception, it also renders other methods of conception like IVF ineffective. Thus, weight is a crucial aspect for pregnancy and conception since a healthy weight determines the woman’s ability to safely bear a child and nourish it. Check with your doctor if your weight has exceeded the recommended limit for your age, height, etc. If yes, create a weight loss plan to shed the excess pounds before trying to conceive.

Similarly, being underweight also affects your chance of motherhood since the lack in your body fails to help your reproductive system achieve fertility and conception. Hormonal Imbalances occur and we already know that hormone levels are vital for pregnancy. The only way underweight women can climb up to a healthy weight is by eating healthy and nutritious food, mild and effective exercising. Don’t rely on weight gain supplements to gain weight since the chemicals in these products may again interfere with conception. Women suffering from Diabetes and other illnesses also need to plan their weight in advance for getting pregnant. Since Diabetes and Weight are interrelated, you are required to plan at least 6 months in advance with your health care provider for arriving at a healthy weight and sugar level if you hope to conceive.

A BMI in the range of 18.5 and 24.9 is considered healthy and ideal for pregnancy. It is also the ideal fertility weight and is what you should aim for. Tweak or change your lifestyle and eating habits to arrive in this range. By managing your weight, you not only can get pregnant fast, you can also enjoy a safe and comfortable pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child. When there are excess fat cells in the body, the level of Oestrogen in the body steadily rises which acts like a natural birth control. Higher levels of Oestrogen tend to suppress the two most important hormones that are required for Ovulation namely, LH, and FHS.

10. Create a Loving Atmosphere:

get pregnant fast
Create a Loving

Most people trying to have a baby neglect this important aspect of getting pregnant and instead focus on everything else in the world. The most fundamental part of giving birth to new life demands a lot of time, attention, and most importantly, love. If one or both partners are constantly tormented by stress and worries, it just does not create the right atmosphere for your body to make this very important phase of your life to happen. Both the mother and the father should create a healthy environment by visiting the Doctor regularly, addressing health issues, and maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Intercourse should be fulfilling and done with a loving mindset. It should be timed and done effectively. The more sex you have, the more chances you have of getting pregnant. Read books, and take the advice of an expert regarding the most effective ways of having intercourse for getting pregnant fast. Refrain from taking unwarranted advice since relatives, friends, and family have a tendency of inciting fear and panic in the minds of couples trying to get pregnant fast.

Take the effort to improve your sex life and make time from your busy schedule to have sex at least once a day.
Support and help each if you have busy schedules. Make things easy for the woman by reducing her workload and ensuring that she gets adequate rest and relaxation. Try not to bicker and argue even if problems and misunderstandings arise. Shower love and affection on each other and keep away negativity from your life. A healthy conception and pregnancy only happen in a healthy home.

Schedule regular appointments with a healthcare expert. This is mandatory. Take your prenatal vitamins and minerals and follow the doctor’s advice carefully. Don’t purchase non-prescribed drugs and vitamins since this may cause adverse effects both for you and the baby. Attend preconception counseling without fail. Lastly, healthy food comprising essential nutrients and minerals along with living in a stress and pollution free environment are the pillars of a healthy pregnancy. Light exercise and relaxation techniques such as Yoga and Meditation will reduce your burden along the way. A complete Preconception care package is what you need to get pregnant fast.

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